Book Review “Blood Ties” by Heather Atkinson


Blood Ties

The Queen of Glasgow, Toni McVay, is no ordinary crime boss.

For one thing, she likes to discipline disappointing employees by scooping out their eyeballs and keeping them as souvenirs. Jamie Gray and his gang the Blood Brothers are happy to do her dirty work in return for lessons in the ways of the local underworld, but are in no doubt that they need to keep Toni sweet to keep themselves safe.

Rival families The Gordons and The Thompsons are ready for a turf war, keen to take over the lucrative Gallowburn estate, and weaken Toni’s grip on the city. But can the old enemies really trust each other enough to join forces? And will their assumption that the Blood Brothers are the weak link in the McVay empire, prove to be their greatest mistake?

Meanwhile Jamie’s past refuses to stay hidden, and as his biggest secret looks set to be revealed with explosive consequences, Jamie faces the battle of his life. To keep his family safe, to keep his friends safe, to keep himself safe, and to keep the woman he loves alive.  

If you love Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers, and Jessie Keane, you’ll love Heather Atkinson. Discover the bestselling gangland author Heather Atkinson and you’ll never look back… 

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A Gangland thriller that does exactly what it says on the tin. Set on the mean streets of Glasgow, a book to rival Ian Rankin’s gangland books. This book certainly has a no holds barred plotline, with the feisty strong female leader of the Gang, Toni. She is a no nonsense woman who does not shy away from violence. The Blood Brothers who now work for her reminded me of The Krays. They gather in Jaime’s home and his mum is loved by the Brothers, while she adores them right back and of course always has a hearty meal on the table whenever they call. Very reminiscent of Ronnie and Reggie’s home set up.

Jamie is keeping a huge secret from his Brothers in the Gang. This secret could bring down the whole McVay gang and there is no way Toni is going to take it lightly if she ever finds out. There is an undercurrent of darkness but alongside this is a tenderness from Jamie that he only shows his Mum and one other, but this side of him means that there is trouble around every corner. He really has to keep his wits about him. Will he lose everything by letting his heart rule his head? That remains to be seen.

I found Heather’s writing style strong. You get a sense of the Glasgow streets and the constant trouble going on. She doesn’t mess about with unnecessary plot lines that lead no where and only serve to confuse. No this is a hard hitting, thrilling read with a great cast of characters. There is a level of humour amongst the danger that creates a more believable and human side to these dangerous people. Definitely worthy of 5 stars.


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Heather Atkinson is the author of over fifty books – predominantly in the crime fiction genre. Although Lancashire born and bred she now lives with her family, including twin teenage daughters, on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.

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