Book Review “Jeannie’s War” by Carol Maclean


Jeannie’s War

War changed her country, but it couldn’t change her spirit

Glasgow, 1939

Despite being shy and reserved, Jeannie Dougal finds herself newly engaged to handsome soldier, Arthur Dunn, the day war is announced. Jeannie accepts, even if she is unsure if a girl from the tenements will fit in with Arthur’s comfortable, middle-class background. But as WW2 takes its toll on the world, her wedding must wait…

As she sets off to work at a munitions factory she meets Eileen, Janet and Annie. As her new friends bond together in war work, sharing their stories of romance, Jeannie is grateful to be settled with Arthur, even if he is set in his ways.

Until she meets charming Canadian soldier, Bill, and realises she has found a spark she was always missing. But how can Jeannie tell Arthur? And is she strong enough to fight her own battle, with the country already at war…?

An emotional and romantic family saga set in WW2 Scotland and the start of a captivating new series. Fans of Call the Midwife and Katie Flynn won’t be able to put this down.

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What a wonderful book Jeannie’s War is. Beautifully immersive and just takes you on a journey into Jeannie’s life. She is a kind and gentle soul. Her story is very touching and I was totally drawn into her life. She is seemingly very happy with her beau, Arthur, who, by the way is not a nice man, Jeannie then meets the rather dashing Bill and sparks fly. Is this what love is meant to feel like?

There are heart breaks along the way that will certainly make you reach for your tissues. I really enjoyed the Glasgow setting during WW2, it made a great change from London. The descriptions of Glasgow are vivid and really bring the whole place to life.

The synopsis tells you enough to draw you right in to this truly awesome war time story. Strong and exquisitely created characters who just shine out from the pages. I loved Jeannie as the main character, she carries the story brilliantly. An all round tip top read.


Author Bio – Carol MacLean lives in the Glasgow area. She began by writing pocket novels, having 18 published before deciding to write an historical saga. She enjoys weaving social history into fiction and imagining how life must have been for ordinary people living through different times.

When she’s not writing, Carol can be found visiting museums or walking around the city looking for traces of old Glasgow to inspire her next novel.

Carol is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

She has written 18 pocket novels published by DC Thomson and Linford Romance Series (Ulverscroft).


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Book Review “Badlands” by Gary Kruse



Surf. Sand. Smugglers. Murder.


Willow has run as far as she can.

From her home.

From the friends she betrayed.

From the family who betrayed her.

From her own name.

But a cry for help will bring her back.

Back to face her family.

Back to face the sins of her past.

Back to face the darkness at the heart of Cornwall.

In the search for her sister, Willow will face deception and betrayal, before she’ll find love – and herself. But will she uncover how close the enemy is, or will she become another victim of the Badlands?

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Well I think it’s safe to say that Badlands starts with a huge bang and it just doesn’t stop. This is an absolute page turner with unconventional characters that are written superbly well. We get to the very heart of them but especially Willow. Willow is no longer the geeky girl who disappeared 6 years before, she is now a feisty young woman with her fiery red dreadlocks, tattoos and attitude. She has returned to the one place she never wanted to return. Will she find her sister? will she find any answers? did she make the wrong mistake in trusting certain people? so many unanswered questions, but you will find the answers in this forceful book, so really you’ll have to get hold of a copy. You won’t be disappointed.

Raven totally scared me yet by the end I really did understand why she had become so vicious. she is unhinged but with a smile and a level of cockiness that is very unnerving. Nobody should get on her wrong side. Not that it takes much, that’s for sure.

The storyline is skilfully written, taking into account how different the main characters are. Each one is described with a level of intensity that drives the story forward to a thrilling ending with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. This is a brilliant debut novel, hard-hitting with dark and twisted characters. I completely adored it. Yes it has some gory violence but I don’t mind that and actually it fits well into the intense drama that is unfolding. The perfect dark, thriller that you probably don’t want to read at bedtime, trust me you won’t sleep.

Author Bio – Gary Kruse is a multi-genre writer of flash fiction, short stories and novels. He lives with his family in Hornchurch on the Essex/London border.

He began writing as a teenager after seeing the Craft in the cinema and wondering what would happen if the coven of witches from the Craft came face to face with the Lost Boys (the vampires, not Peter Pan’s crew!).

His work has appeared online and in print anthologies and his short story “Mirror Mirror” was shortlisted in the WriteHive 2021 Horror competition, and subsequently featured in the “Duplicitous” anthology.

His short story “Hope in the Dark” won first place in the November 2021 edition of the Writers’ Forum Short Story competition.

His debut novel “Badlands” is published through Darkstroke on 21st January 2022.

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Book Review “Loves Blooms at Mermaids Point” by Sarah Bennett


Love Blooms at Mermaids Point

Bestselling author Alex Nelson is slowly coming apart at the seams after a failed marriage and an abrupt change in career leave him at a crossroads in life. When an unexpected opportunity arises to escape to the idyllic village of Mermaids Point, he’s hot on the heels of his brother, Tom, who has recently moved there. Buying a rundown bookshop might be just his latest harebrained scheme, but Alex has never been one to do things by halves.

After spending her early years caring for her mother, Ivy Fisher is finally ready to start living her own life. But when the impossibly charming, impossibly good-looking Alex Nelson swoops in and snatches her dream out from under her nose, it really is the last straw. Forced by circumstances to spend more time with him, Ivy finally gets a peak of the real man beneath the confident exterior, and she likes what she sees.

But just when things are starting to come together for them, Ivy is reminded why men can never be trusted. Is Alex who he says he is, or is he using Mermaids Point as nothing more than research fodder for his next bestseller?

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As ever the Mermaid Point series is as ever the perfect romance. It is not that overly mushy, everything is perfect kind of book , oh no. it is very realistic with the characters suffering the usual ups and downs of life that we all go through. For this this creates much more believable characters. As book 3 in the series I feel it does work well as a stand alone but reading all of them makes the perfect Romance series as well, so I’ll leave that decision with you.

As you all know by now I don’t talk about the plotlines too much as that is all in the blurb but I do always discuss how a book makes me feel and love at Mermaids point really made me feel warm and cosy. This is a gentle no nonsense read that I read in a few hours. I adored the growing complexities between Ivy and Alex’s relationship. The beautiful descriptions of Mermaids Point are very enchanting and draw you in to the seemingly idyllic lifestyle, in fact I’m moving in. A big thumbs up for another heart-warming, feel good, with a bit of sad thrown book from Sarah Bennett

Author Bio –

Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett is the bestselling author of several romantic fiction trilogies including those set in Butterfly Cove and Lavender Bay. Born and raised in a military family she is happily married to her own Officer and when not reading or writing enjoys sailing the high seas. The first book in her new Mermaids Point trilogy for Boldwood was published in Spring 2021.

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Book Review “Princess No Knots” by Deborah Dillon

Children’s picture book

length, 34 pages


Princess No Knots

Princess No Knots LOVES her long golden hair as much as she LOVES her bath time, but she does NOT love having it brushed. When her flowing locks end up in knots, the King tells her they will have to be cut and takes away her crown. Enter a world of determination, sprinkled with a small dose of magic, to find out if the strong-willed Princess finds a way to get back her crown, keep her name and save the hair she so loves. A must read rhyming picture book for any parent who struggles with the dreaded ‘hair wash’ night! Available on

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My Granddaughter and I read this gorgeous book together and honestly it could have been written about her. She has super long, curly hair and has felt all the struggles that the Princess suffers. We laughed our way through the whole, especially when the king says he is going to cut her hair. K.M’s Daddy says this to her all the time. My Granddaughter said, I need a sprinkle of magic too! then we fell about laughing again. On the way home K read the book to herself about 3 times and all I could hear was her chuckling away and saying “oh Nanny, this is my favourite book ever” Well you can’t get better than that can you? She gave it 5 stars and has re read Princess No Knots over and over.

A beautifully written and illustrated book that we would most definitely recommend to all the Princesses and of course Princes in your life. A book that inspires a young mind to keep reading is such a precious thing and I salute Deborah and all children’s authors who create such wonderful books and memories of reading together that we will all cherish always.

Author Bio –

Deborah Dillon

Deborah Dillon’s love of books, poems and story telling stems from her Granddad Jim who always used to make up stories at bedtime when she was young. Every story would take her to crazy worlds of adventure and friendship, each story sprinkled with a tiny bit of determination.

Since having children of her own Deborah has continued this family tradition but rather than keeping all the stories in her head, she decided to write them down. As her children were growing up she was inspired to write about whatever obstacles or challenges they, or their friends, faced then overcame.

Deborah is a firm believer that something magical happens when you read a book together.

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Book Review “56 Days” by Catherine Ryan Howard

56 Days


No one even knew they were together. Now one of them is dead.

Ciara and Oliver meet in a supermarket queue in Dublin and start dating the same week COVID-19 reaches Irish shores.

When lockdown threatens to keep them apart, Oliver suggests they move in together. Ciara sees a unique opportunity for a relationship to flourish without the scrutiny of family and friends. Oliver sees a chance to hide who – and what – he really is.

Detectives arrive at Oliver’s apartment to discover a decomposing body inside.

Can they determine what really happened, or has lockdown created an opportunity for someone to commit the perfect crime?


56 Days just has it all from edge of the seat shocking situations to love and budding relationships and best of all twists that run throughout, not just at the end. It’s superbly written and has wonderfully complex characters. This is one of those thrillers that you will not be able to guess what’s coming. Little nuggets are revealed as the story grows, some take you off down one path and you think ” aha, I know who did what” then a few pages later that theory is blown out of the water. It’s definitely one of those “just one more page” thrillers.

Although 56 days is set during the Pandemic, which I wasn’t sure I was ready to read about, it is really the perfect scene setter. It is not constantly mentioned yet plays an intrinsic part to the whole basis of how this story unfolds. I loved the characters in this wonderful book. Full of flaws and doubts that keeps them both trying to out guess and out manoeuvre each other. At several points I thought ” oh blimey, just talk to each other!” but then dun dun dun, oh no maybe don’t actually talk to each, that’s a bad move.

Anyone who loves a great, thought provoking revenge come love come hate come all sorts of other situations will absolutely love this book. I know I did!

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Book Review “I Will Find You” by Amanda Rigby

Psychological Thriller

274 pages

Published by Boldwood Books

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I Will Find You

Three sisters…One terrible secret

Ashleigh: A creative, free spirit and loyal. But Ash is tormented by her demons and a past that refuses to be laid to rest.

Jessica: Perfect wife and loving mother. But although Jessica might seem to have it all, she lives a secret life built on lies.

Grace: An outsider, always looking in, Grace has never known the love of her sisters and her resentment can make her do bad things.

When Ashleigh goes missing, Jessica and Grace do all they can to find their eldest sister. But the longer Ashleigh is missing, the more secrets and lies these women are hiding threaten to tear this family apart.

Can they find Ashleigh before it’s too late or is it sometimes safer to stay hidden?

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REVIEW ~ NIKI PRESTON ~ 5 STARS PLUS (For when 5 stars isn’t enough)

I will Find You is a fantastically gripping read. The underlying tension is palpable and cleverly woven into the whole plotline. I can’t really put my finger on how the tension was built but it was done with extreme brilliance. Really kept me turning the pages until there were no more pages left. Finally I could relax, I was totally in awe of the writing.

These characters are fabulously introduced and I loved getting to know why they had the troubles they were all struggling with. My heart truly went out to the disaster that is Ashleigh. Initially she comes across as a lost cause, a total mess with a lack of responsibility. It’s only when you find out just exactly what she has done, in her head for her sister that you begin to understand exactly why she has these vices that keep her head, just about above water.

Jessica surprised me the most. Her beautiful life, children and husband are all seemingly the perfect family. What though is Jessica’s secret. A deep, dark and somewhat seedy secret that truly shocked me the most. I was not expecting her to do what she does. Sorry no spoilers from me.

This book is written with a grace and poise that totally draws you in. It has a wonderful style that just flows and keeps you guessing right from the start. A complex story that I had to read in one sitting, about two hours and boy did I need a cuppa when it was over. This get 5 stars plus from me as I didn’t feel 5 stars did it justice. An absolute cracker.

Author Bio –

Amanda Ashby and Sally Rigby

Amanda Rigby is the nom de plume of the writing partnership between Amanda Ashby and Sally Rigby. Both authors live in New Zealand, have been friends for eighteen years, and agree about everything (except musicals). They decided to collaborate on a psychological thriller which they then entered into a competition, run by Boldwood, which they won!

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Book Review “Devil’s you Know” by Miles Watson


Devils You Know by Miles Watson

Book Information

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  • Genre:  Short story collection: horror, dark fiction, more…
  • Print length: 182 pages
  • Age range: These are adult stories but suitable for mature teens age 16+
  • Trigger warnings: Some gore, deaths, horror components
  • Formats available for the Tour: all standard electronic formats (sorry, no paperbacks)
  • Amazon Rating: 5

About Devils You Know

A collection of 13 stories designed to work the head, heart and adrenal glands all at once.

In this anthology you’ll find horror and drama, warfare and madness and crime, and even the laughs are of the midnight-black variety. You’ll encounter gangsters elbow-deep in the red business of murder, soldiers slogging through physical and moral mud, and supernatural monsters whose pleasures are taken in human blood. You will journey through a dystopian America and a just-liberated Paris, encounter ordinary men descending into madness, and meet a Nazi officer who discovers the hard way that we are all brothers under the skin.

Somewhere in these pages you will even meet Satan himself…and discover that sometimes even he can’t take the heat. So sit down, buckle up, and ready to meet your devils. Just don’t be surprised if they look familiar…

Praise for Devils You Know


Miles Watson is a consummate master of the uncompromising dark. Every one of these uncomfortable stories turned me back upon myself: challenging the things I take for granted, value most, want to believe. He writes with a lightness of touch that is as disturbing as the feel of a fingernail on the spine when you thought you were alone. He has a moral compass – yes, there is moral compass in all these stories – but in every setup, every denouement, the moral compass spins again, unforgiving and elusive.

If you enjoy these dark stories, you have possibly missed the point (or they may be about YOU.) If you don’t, you needn’t feel smug: you read them anyway (and they may be about YOU.) Amazon Review


Despite the title and gruesome picture on the book, it is not a horror book. It’s a collection of short stories with the first story being a horror story and others representing a plethora of genres – world war 2, a futuristic gritty dystopia, even a civil war era story.

What I found interesting with several of these stories is he and his characters take on the daily life of the ‘bad guy’. For example, today if you watch movies about world war 2 or the civil war, you’re watching from the perspective of the protagonist victor – the allies or north, respectively. He has a knack for his stories to help you peer into what the lives of the other people were like. Not to glorify it, but to tell a story that hasn’t been told. – Amazon Review


Blimey!! that kind of sums this book up for me. Deeply disturbing yet curiously addictive. Each of the stories are very hard hitting and my favourite, if you can have a favourite for scary unthinkable stories then, is The Adversarial Process. This was a truly heart-breaking chapter/story that I’m certain many people will identify with.

Despite the rather Horror Genre cover it isn’t really a of the horror genre, it was much more akin to that old adage “better the devil you know” yes there are vampires and ghouls a plenty but not in every story and even thosevampire stories do make you really think, what if that really was me? would I fight the over whelming need for blood or would I just accept my fate. Accepting our fate is strong throughout the book and it is certainly thought provoking.

If you like a great book that totally turns you on your head that leaves you forever questioning then this is the short stories book for you.


About the Author

Miles Watson has won more awards and accolades than almost any independent writer of his generation. His various works have won the following:

  • CAGE LIFE – Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Runner Up (2016): Zealot Script Magazine “Book of the Year” (2017); Best Indie Book Award – Mystery & Suspense (2018)
  • KNUCKLE DOWN – Writer’s Digest S.P.B.A. Honorable Mention (2019); Best Indie Book Award – Suspense (2019)
  • DEVILS YOU KNOW – Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing Finalist (2019)
  • THE NUMBERS GAME – Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Novella – (2019)
  • NOSFERATU – Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Novella – (2020)
  • SINNER’S CROSS – Best Indie Book Award – Historical Fiction – (2019); Book Excellence Award – Action (2020); Literary Titan Book Award – Gold Medal (2020); Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards – Finalist (2020)

He holds undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and History and a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction, and served in law enforcement for nearly ten years before moving to Los Angeles, where he has worked on over 200 episodes of television and half a dozen feature films. But his first and last passion is writing.

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Book Review “Then and Now by R.J.Gould


Then and now

Sandy is about to retire following an illustrious career as editor of an upmarket fashion magazine.

Michael can’t retire, he thinks his work to explain the dangers of climate change is far too important.

Jonathan is considering retiring from running his fundraising consultancy.

These three were the best of friends at university before a tragedy wrecked their friendship. They haven’t spoken since.

Fifty years on, they arrange to meet at a reunion. Having reminisced about student life during a wild and self-indulgent era with its heady mix of free love, drugs and ground-breaking music, they share their life journeys since the Swinging Sixties – the successes and failures, the happiness and despair, and their optimism and fears for the future.

The reunion is drawing to a close. Dare they tackle the incident that tore them apart, an event that has brought guilt for so many years? If they are to have any chance of reconciliation they have to, but the clock is ticking.

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I’m going to jump in feet first and say I loved Then and Now. I was utterly hooked and thought the characters were brilliantly written. The fact that they have lived their lives, worked hard and now in their later years, heading into retirement they are trying to make amends. The chapters work excellently so we get to know each character from the times they shared at Uni right up to the present day. The reunion is thankfully a happy occasion but the range of complexities seen that leads up to this point are truly engaging. I was fully immersed in each of the plots and enjoyed following how Sandy, Michael and Jonathan face a new chapter in their lives, retirement and all that may bring with it. Looking back on past loves, loses, mistakes and trying to make all of that count now as much as it did then.

This is a gripping story in so far as the characters are so well written, flaws and all. They are realistic and I connected with each one, thinking, yep that’s me or oh that is so and so. A great and superbly written, almost life affirming read. If you have never read R.J. Gould then I’m highly recommending this one. It’s a fantastic contemporary book full of laughs and sadness and relationships that we can all relate too.

Author Bio –

R J Gould writes contemporary fiction about relationships, using a mix of humour and pathos to describe the tragi-comic life journeys of his characters. Then and now is his seventh novel, following The Engagement Party, Jack and Jill Went Downhill, Mid-life follies, The bench by Cromer beach, Nothing Man and Dream Café. He is a member of Cambridge Writers and a rare male member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Before becoming a full-time author he worked in the educational and charity sectors.

R J Gould lives in Cambridge.

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Book Review “The Woman with the Map” by Jan Casey

WW2 Fiction

length: 431 pages

Publisher: Aria


The Woman With The Map

February 1941
The world is at war and Joyce Cooper is doing her bit for the war effort. A proud member of the Civil Defence, it is her job to assist the people of Notting Hill when the bombs begin to fall. But as the Blitz takes hold of London, Joyce is called upon to plot the devastation that follows in its wake. Night after night she must stand before her map and mark the trail of loss and suffering inflicted upon the homes, families and businesses she knows so well.

February 1974
Decades later from her basement flat Joyce watches the world go by above her head. This is her haven; the home she has created for herself having had so much taken from her in the war. But now the council is tearing down her block of flats and she’s being forced to move. Could this chance to start over allow Joyce to let go of the past and step back into her life?

An emotional and compelling historical fiction novel perfect for fans of Fiona Valpy, Mandy Robotham and Catherine Hokin.

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As you all know WW2 based books are one of my favourite genres and I practically devour every one that I read and this little beauty was devoured with equal measure. I have not read Jan Casey before and I can honestly say I totally love her style. This book is highly descriptive, which made a great change from plenty of dialogue, not much substance. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Joyce through this style of writing. I felt that I got to know her and her family and friends incredibly well.

I’m not going to lie, Joyce did annoy me especially in her later years. She has become so cut off and actually quite judgmental. I really wanted to give her a good talking too. Mind you with everything she went through during the war I am not surprised that she had become somewhat distant with those around her. Never accepting help or really making friends. I love how Joyce changes and grows and the past/present style of the chapters flowed superbly well.

Without a doubt I enjoy authors who are able to evoke strong feelings in the reader. I am sure this is actually a difficult thing to do. I want to read a book that takes me through a whole gamut of emotions from happiness to sorrow and Jan creates this in spades. This is the perfect book for readers who love to be challenged with an in depth story full of light and dark. A great read.

Author Bio –

Jan Casey’s novels, like her first – The Women of Waterloo Bridge – explore the themes of how ordinary people are affected by extraordinary events during any period in history, including the present. Jan is fascinated with the courage, adaptability and resilience that people rise to in times of adversity and for which they do not expect pay, praise or commendation. Jan is also interested in writing about the similarities as opposed to the differences amongst people and the ways in which experiences and emotions bind humans together.

Jan was born in London but spent her childhood in Southern California. She was a teacher of English and Drama for many years and is now a Learning Supervisor at a college of further education.

When she is not working or writing, Jan enjoys yoga, swimming, cooking, walking, reading and spending time with her grandchildren.

Before becoming a published author, Jan had short stories and flash fictions published.

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Book Review ” The Land of Twydell & the Dragon Egg” Book 2 in the Tales of Avalon series. By Daisy Bourne.

Childrens Book

Age range 8 to 18

Mystery and Magic


The Land of Twydell & the Dragon Egg, Book 2 in the Tales of Avalon series

The Land of Twydell & the Dragon Egg, is the second book in the Tales of Avalon Series.

What happened during Merlin’s trip to Twydell? Who, or what, did he meet? The Land of Twydell and the Dragon Egg, describes the wizard’s extraordinary adventures in Avalon’s neighbouring country and the people and creatures he meets there.

As he flies across the countryside on his broomstick he is puzzled to see a long line of people leaving the capital of Dalton and heading towards the outlying villages. Entire families are leaving the capital. They look ragged and downcast and appear to be taking their possessions with them. As he approaches Dalton, Merlin is shocked to see billowing smoke and that large parts of the city have been destroyed by fire.

The wizard learns that the devastation has been caused by a pair of dragons which have lived near the city for many years without any problem. King Frederrick is bewildered as to why the dragons should suddenly seek to attack the Twydellers for no apparent reason.

Merlin agrees to help the Twydellers and sets off on an unexpected adventure which brings him in contact with dragons and other strange creatures. He also renews his friendship with an old friend and is delighted to meet new ones.

If you like stories about magical beings then you will enjoy reading The Land of Twydell & The Dragon Egg.

Daisy Bourne’s exciting Tales of Avalon Series continues with The

Land of Twydell and the Dragon Egg. This sequel continues the saga

of Merlin and King Arthur.

The Land of Twydell is an engaging story that readers will enjoy whether

they are followers of the series or first-time readers.

Bourne’s writing packs a lot of action in such a short novel. The Land

of Twydell is fast- paced and the dialogue is compelling throughout

the novel.

The Land of Twydell would be perfect for readers who are fans of Lord

of the Rings or other fantasy novels about odysseys and journeys. Young

adult readers may be the target audience, but readers of all ages will love

this novel.

–Pacific Book Review

The story is filled with magic and adventure. The concepts are simple

enough for a young child to understand, yet complex enough to keep

minds working on linking all the pieces together. Language used is

also accessible to younger readers without necessarily “talking down”

to them. Even in the world of magic and mystery, manners and respect

turn out to be the greater forces at work, providing children with

important life lessons without being preachy or lecturing.

–US Review of Books

The Land of Twydell and the Dragon Egg was a finalist in the USA’s Eric Hoffer Awards 2017.

Purchase Links

UK –

US –

REVIEW ~ KM (age 8) ~ 5 STARS

This review has been done by my Grandaughter, KM and written up on her behalf. She is 8 years old.


Wow I really really loved this book. It was super exciting to read. I love this kind of magical story and I thought the characters were fabulous but my favourite one was Merlin and my favourite bit was when they go into to forbidden forest to find birds. It was so good and I didn’t want the story to end. I think everybody of any age would love this book. My stars would definitely be 5 stars. it’s really enjoyable story and the writing was easy to follow. Brilliant.


well I think we safely say KM loved this story. I knew she would as she devoured The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe when she was 7 so this was always going to right up her street. She is an avid reader so I am very grateful to all authors who create such books that spark imagination and a real love of books.

Author Bio –

About the Author Daisy Bourne was born in England, in 1917. Nothing much is known about her real parents, except that their lives were changed dramatically by the First World War. At the age of six, Daisy was unofficially adopted by a farmer and his wife. They changed her name and took her to Canada. There are several similarities between the real Daisy Bourne and her namesake in this book. To a small child, Canada, with its heavy snowfalls, huge forests, and grizzly bears, must indeed have seemed like some kind of new world. Although Daisy loved Canada and the farm on which she lived, she was not happy and ran away. She returned to England at the age of 16. In later life, she took up farming again. She also enjoyed her garden and preserving much of its produce. This is where the similarities between the real Daisy and the character in this book end. I am proud to use my mother’s birth name as a pseudonym when writing the Tales of Avalon series. My ambition is to one day write the story of the real Daisy Bourne. In the meantime, I shall work to complete the other seven books in the Tales of Avalon series

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