Wolf-Garten Seed sower and lawn edging Iron

Wolf-Garten product review

Seed sower and lawn edging Iron


That time is here again for me to share my product tests results with you all. Two new products that I have never used before. One because I simply thought it was for sowing veggie seeds so no good for me as I am strictly a flower girl and a lawn edging Iron that I have never used because James is in charge of all aspects lawny.


Seed sower

I am amazed with this clever tool. How wrong could I be thinking that it was for sowing lovely neat rows of veggie seeds and no use for flowers? Very wrong apparently. This neat round tools with various sized holes is a very nifty gadget and great for sowing areas of wildflower, others I’m sure would be equally successful but this is what I used it for. The operation is as simple as it can be. Separate the two halves, one of which is clear so that you can see when your seeds have run out. Pour in your seeds of choice, push the two sections together place the tool which now becomes a wheel into your border, trough, compost or wherever you are sowing and push the wheel along. Out come the seeds at the correct interval so you cannot over sow and if like me you panic and just chuck everything in, this tool takes away all of that panic. It does the thinking and sowing for you. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed using this piece of great gardening kit. I had a huge silly grin on my face the whole time. Once germinated the whole border should be ablaze with poppies and wildflowers.

Wait wait I hear you all cry. This sounds too good to be true there must be a downside? Unfortunately you’d be right but it is only a small irritation. The packaging is a complete nightmare and unless you have someone nearby who has very strong thumbs you’ll be struggling to get the packaging off. It is a sort of popper affair that you have to push very hard from one side whilst holding the pack at the same time. This is I might add the only issue and Wolf-Garten are not alone in this area. I would still recommend this tool especially if you have large areas to sow and indeed I bet it works wonders for tidy, evenly spaced rows of carrots (and other veg).


Lawn edging Iron



A fabulous looking moon shaped lawn edger that is perfect for professional finishes to your lawn. It has a bevelled edge which is sharp all the way around the crescent shape. It slices through the grass edge like a hot knife through butter leaving a smooth edge in its wake. Both myself and James gave this one a try and we used different sized handles. I had to use the shorter handle due to my height but it was the perfect height for me. I did struggle but this was not the tools fault. I find it very difficult to stand on one leg so when I lifted my leg to place my foot on the edger I nearly ended up head first in a huge conifer! Not the look I was after. Once the giggling had stopped and I regained my composure I tried again and did manage to push it into the ground with some effort, again my fault. When it came to James’ turn he could see the advantages of this tool straight away. It when straight into the lawn with hardly any effort from him at all. He found using a longer handled helped as he could pull down on it as he pushed down with his foot. Making the whole process quick and smooth. The neat edge you are left with is something to be proud of and really does make you feel proud when standing back observing your new nearly edged lawn. Passers-by will be jealous of your efforts.

Again the packaging had the same opening issues as the seed sower but that is a tiny thing compared to how useful this tool is going to be. If, like James you are a proud lawn owner one of these needs to be on your list of “must get tools”.