Book Review “Reprieve” by James Han Mattson

Star rating: 4 stars

After finishing this book I still can’t decide if I seriously enjoyed it or found it lacking. Unfortunately the plotline does not live up to more enticing blurb, which I read and immediately thought “ooooh this sounds right up my street” However the book spends much time meandering about with the past lives of the characters that eventually leads them to take part in a full contact Haunt, in an escape room type scenario at Quigley. it is definitely a quirky horror genre that explores difficult topics including racism, LGBQT, hate , death and revenge, although non are done in a very in depth manner.

Once the action began in each of the cells, that became increasingly more gruesome, I was hooked. I felt the writing began to pull me in and it was as though I was in the cells with them. I found myself thinking ” oh for heavens sake someone shout the safe word” The safe word is “Reprieve” but no one calls out. They are either totally paralysed by fear or determined to get into cell 6 and win the $60,000. It is not to be and murder occurs. Was it part of the game play? was it real? The Characters really don’t know.

The flow of the plot is constantly interrupted by either the court room discussions, which give the game away or chapters going back to the characters past lives. I would have preferred more focus on the actual horror action within the cells as this is excellent and there certainly needed to be more.

The disrupted flow is a bit off putting but I have to say that I enjoyed more of the book that not, hence giving an overall rating of 4 Stars.

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (UK and ANZ)

Publish date: 5 Oct 2021

ISBN: 9781526635563

Reviewed by: Niki Preston



Audio book Review “Out, Mouse!” by Valerie L. Edgar

Star Rating 5 stars

I listened to this audio book today with my Granddaughter, she is 7. At first she wasn't too sure about listening and initially found the narrator a little hard to understand. She thought he spoke a little too fast. However once she was used to listening she really enjoyed the storyline. She wanted to write a letter to a mouse just in case there were any in her house. The story made her laugh and it was a joy to listen to it together. 
I would highly recommend this audio , especially if you have a little one who is reluctant to read. This audio book about the old man Finn and the letters he writes to help mice move out of his house to somewhere better will really fire their imagination and its a great way to spend time enjoying a love of books together.

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Publisher: Whistle Oak

ISBN: 9781733593342

Publish date: 12th May 2021

Reviewed by: Niki Preston

Book Review “The Final Girls Support Group” by Grady Hendrix

Star Rating : 3 stars

What can I say about The Final Girls Support Group? I found it quite hard going and struggled with the first half of the book. I found the characters quite confusing and they melded together creating confusion between the characters and it took me quite a while to work out which character was which.

The premise of the book, which is in the Horror Genre concentrates on the final girls who have all survived horrific attacks and in horror movie style hit the headlines and then disappeared into nowhere once interest in them dies down. They form a Final Girls support group that has kept going over 20 years with a therapist who seemingly helps them through their issues.

After my confusion in the first half of the book the second half does pick up the pace and concentrates on Lynnette Tarkington and her quest to save the final girls who are being targeted all over again. However I found some of the horrific attacks she then endures quite unbelievable and instead of being drawn into this slasher movie novel I found myself being totally unconvinced by the events.

The book is well written and I’m more than sure if the slasher movie in book form is your go to genre then this will probably satisfy you, especially if Grady Hendrix is an author you have read before, you will enjoy this book. It just wasn’t for me, hence 3 stars.

Publisher : Titan Books

Publish date : 13 July 2021

ISBN : 9781789096064

Reviewed by : Niki Preston

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