Book Review “Over my Dead Body” By Jeffrey Archer

Star Rating : 5 Stars

Well what can I say about this new novel from Jeffrey Archer? Enthralling, riveting and nearly brought me to tears. A real rollercoaster read emotionally. I quickly developed an intense dislike for millionaire art dealer, Miles Faulkner. A sign of a truly well written character that evokes such strong feelings in the reader from the off.

Up and coming Met officer, DCI William Warwick heads up a new closed case squad, solving crimes that nobody seems able to solve. Warwick is joined in the unit by ex undercover Ross Hogan, who still wishes he was undercover and has a tendency to go off on his tangent, solving things in his unique way.

Faulkner has been pronounced dead but Warwick feels something may not be all that it seems as Faulkner’s unscrupulous lawyer still appears to be representing his dead client, why?

Can this new squad solve the four murder that have been tasked with. Can they figure out what Faulkner’s Lawyer is really up too?

I finished this superb novel in a couple of days. Reading until my eyes hurt because I just didn’t want to put it down.

I would certainly recommend this gripping read. Definitely one to pre order.

Publisher : Harper Collins UK, Harperfiction

Publish Date : 14th October 2021

ISBN ; 9780008474294

Reviewed by; Niki Preston

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Book Review; “Under A Greek Moon” by Carol Kirkwood

Star rating; 5 stars

A debut Novel by TV presenter, Carol Kirkwood of pure romantic escapism that draws you in with her beautifully descriptive style. The central character Shauna O’Brien is a typical Irish lass, all red flowing hair and emerald eyes. Her life takes us through, love, lies, drama, heartbreak and back again. It is a love story with a difference with heart wrenching moments for Shauna that make the reader truly believe in her character and you find yourself laughing and crying along with her. I even found myself telling her off for doing some of the things she does.

This is a classic boy meets girl story, a bit formulaic but its a formula that works and Carol Kirkwood’s writing style really brings to life the magical Greek Island, Ithos. The setting sees Shauna find and lose love. It shapes her future life that is not with out its heart break. Shauna is a stoic character that you definitely warm too and you just want the best for her.

A wonderfully romantic summer read. If you enjoy strong characters , a love story and happy endings then this book is certainly for you. I would highly recommend this debut novel. It is not my usual genre and I thoroughly enjoyed every drama filled page.

Will Shauna’s love for the handsome, wealthy shipping magnet Demetrios ever become what she her heart desires? You will have to read this fantastic Debut Novel to find out.

Publisher: Harper Collins UK

Publish Date: 08 July 2021

ISBN : 9780008393403

Reviewed by: Niki Preston

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Book Review. The Dark Remains by William McIlvanney and Ian Rankin.

Star rating… 5 stars

Set in the 1970’s amidst the ganglands of Glasgow. this book was actually an unfinished manuscript by William McILvanney. It was discovered by his wife after his death and the publishing company approached Ian Rankin to ask if he thought he could finish this unfinished, and thankfully yes he did and what a superb job he has done with it.

The book is the first case for William McILvanney’s well known and much loved Detective Jack Laidlaw, who is a law unto himself and certainly not a team player. He likes to get results but in his own way, on his own.

After the death of Bobby Carter, right hand man to gang leader Cam Colvin, gangland rivalry threatens to escalate and it quickly becomes a race against time and Laidlaw’s seemingly incompetent boss to solve the grisly murder.

Written with good strong characters and a plot that has many twists and turns. it definitely keeps you on your toes. I figured out the killer a few minutes after it’s apparent that Laidlaw has realised who it is. To me this is the sign of a seriously well written book, leading you to the obvious conclusion without any blindingly obvious clues along the way. You have to piece the clues together and this really makes you feel invested in Laidlaw’s character and you unravel the plot with him. I loved every minute of this book. It kept me wake into the small hours reading “just one more chapter”

I would highly recommend this book. If you are a lover of crime novels, Ian Rankin and great Scottish Crime Drama then this is a must read for you.

Publisher: Cannongate

Publish Date: 02 September 2021

ISBN: 9781838854102

Reviewed by: Niki Preston

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Book Review “The Blind Light” by Stuart Evers

Star rating = 4 stars

From friendships to love, lies and deceit this book, although a slow burner has it all. Covering 60 years of British history it’s a book well worth reading. the characters are strong and you certainly have a affinity for them and the twists and turns that leads to the ultimate betrayal; a broken promise.

The book revolves around two central characters, Drummond, known as Drum and Carter. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War and the very real threat of a Nuclear Strike. Drum and Carter meet during their time in national Service, in The catering Core. Their lives become entwined from then on with Carter always being the driving force in Drum’s life and the decisions he comes to make, from marriage and children to moving to a farm right next door to Carter.

Both men go on to marry and have children. The threat of Nuclear War weighs heavy on Drum in particular and he becomes obsessed with Carters bunker in which he believes both families will be safe from any strike. An incident that occurs in the bunker leads to family separation and angst all round.

I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for something a little different. A thought provoking read that gives an in depth view of how ones decisions can rule and change your life forever

Release date: May 2021

Publisher : Pan Macmillan Picador

ISBN: 9781529031003

Reviewed By: Niki Preston

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