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Multi pick review

 Darlac Multi Pick

The last few weeks has seen me bobbing about the garden with my multi pick in hand looking for anything that needs picking up. I have found loads of uses for this great tool. It is especially useful for grabbing things out of reach, picking up discarded plant pots and generally helping to end bending down or over stretching in your garden.


This product is extremely lightweight therefore easy to carry around, the gripping trigger is gentle yet firm so doesn’t need any strength in your fingers or wrists making it ideal for those with arthritis. I really thought the rubber pads on the end for grabbing were great, soft for any delicate things such as soft fruit picking. I even discovered they are great for helping planting up delicate new plants. If like me you struggle to bend down meaning you can’t get to plant in holes in your borders, this tool is brilliant for holding the plant gently and gently popping in the hole, no damage, no bending, job done. I then realised it can also help if you have any wayward climber tendrils that you just can’t get at, the multi pick with it’s soft pads acts really well as an arm extension and you can pull back the tendrils ready for tying in.


Another handy thing is that the soft rubber pads can be removed to reveal harder ridged pads that can be used for things that need a firmer grip, such as picking up plant pots or pruned rose stems that have fallen out of reach. One idea that is a real asset to any of the more squeamish gardeners is snail picking. I hate touching snails, I just go all girly and run away, not helpful when they are eating my flowers! Now though the little blighters are picked up with ease and disposed of quickly.


This tool then has many uses just let your imagination run wild. I would recommend every gardener to get one, they are not pricey yet well made with endless uses, go on treat yourself.