Book Review “The Doomsday Medallion” By Avanti Centrae

Synopsis/Book Blurb and Praise for The VanOps Series

This is the latest in the Van Ops series by International multi-award-winning and Amazon #1 bestselling author, Avanti Centrae.

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  • Genre:  Espionage Thriller
  • Print length: 376 pages
  • Age range: This is an adult novel but suitable for mature teens age 16+
  • Trigger warnings: None
  • Amazon Rating: This is a new book, not yet rated. The author’s previous Van Ops books are multi-award winning (see below) and have several hundred Amazon reviews with an average 4 star rating.

About The Doomsday Medallion

A covert operative’s first mission might be her last. Can Maddy Marshall and her fellow VanOps officers keep foreign operatives from stealing powerful secrets used by the prophet Nostradamus to see the future?

Aikido black belt Maddy Marshall is celebrating the completion of her black ops training when news of a military takeover in the South China Sea shocks the world because it was predicted by a sixteen-year-old French student. When intel chatter spells danger to Avril, the young seer, VanOps Director Bowman assigns Maddy and her twin brother, Will, to protect the girl.

Emotions between the siblings are running hot due to their aunt’s recent stroke, which has reminded them of the childhood accident that scarred both his chin and her heart. Tensions ratchet higher when they arrive at Avril’s home to find the instant social media star has been kidnapped, leaving them with only clenched fists and cryptic clues that lead to a sixteenth-century formula encoded on an etched-bronze medallion.

While Taiwan fears an invasion that will set off an apocalyptic chain of events, Maddy and Will race through medieval French towns, Italian cathedrals, and ancient Greek temples attempting to find Avril before their enemies use the girl to discover the Holy Grail of military intelligence. If the team fails, they won’t need a crystal ball to know millions of innocent souls will be destined to join Nostradamus in the afterlife.


The Doomsday Medallion is full of suspense and intrigue. I was hooked immediately. The story kicks off pretty quickly with a young 16 year girl who predicts an invasion of a small Island that no one in any of the Services even had on their radar. For Me Avril is an intriguing character, somewhat of a loner who loves to have conversations with her pet Lizard. She gives him a voice almost as though he were her conscience. She knows she has a gift for predicting the future and uses her favourite video sharing platform Tik Tok to share them. She doesn’t show her face, instead using her pet as her avatar. She very quickly becomes high interest to Military Intelligence services. Someone needs to save her. But can they succeed?

This whole book is action packed and full of espionage, in fighting between the twins Maddy and Will. Well researched History plays a huge part as they try to find Avril before anyone else. Avanti Centrae has an awesome writing style that keeps the readers interest with some edge of your seat moments. You quickly pick a side to be on and you will them to succeed. The Publisher blurb is really more than enough to peak anyone’s interest. I am not going to waffle on about the book plot as its all there and I don’t want to give any spoilers. This is an utterly brilliant fast paced thriller, written with class and style. This is book 3 is the Vanops series however I did not read the previous ones so The Doomsday Medallion certainly stands up by itself as well. If you love great character driven complex, epic thrillers then this is the book for you.


Praise for The Doomsday Medallion

“Twenty-first century high-tech meets the sixteenth century’s most famous seer. Can he help the VanOps team avert a world war, save a teenage influencer, and heal a family rift? Avanti Centrae leads us on an action-packed, high-stakes journey through ancient European landmarks in search of a secret so powerful it can explain the past and predict the future.” —Al Pessin, multi-awardwinning author of the Task Force Epsilon thrillers, Sandblast, Blowback, and Shock Wave.

Praise for the VanOps Series

  • “VanOps: The Lost Power opens a tantalizing new series that combines historical mystery and cutting-edge science into a masterwork of international intrigue–with the promise of more to follow. Written with a dynamic, cinematic style and full of action and suspense, here’s a book that defines page-turner.” — James Rollins, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Crucible
  • “…a good ole’ fashioned rip-roaring adventure from start to finish. Enjoy the ride.”  — Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author
  • “VanOps: The Lost Power takes readers on a fast-paced roller coaster of a ride across the globe in a top-notch thriller with high-stakes and plenty of edge-of-seat action.”  — Robin Burcell, NYT bestselling author of The Last Good Place and (co-written with Clive Cussler) The Oracle.
  • “From Mexico to Jordan, the action never stops until the nail-biter of a conclusion.”  — Chico Enterprise Record

Awards for the VanOps Series

  • The Lost Power:
  • Genre Grand-Prize Winner – 2017 Chanticleer International Book Awards
  • Honorable Mention — 2018 Hollywood Book Festival
  • Bronze medal — 2019 Wishing Shelf Book Awards
  • Solstice Shadows:
  • Global Thriller Genre Grand-Prize Winner — 2019 Chanticleer International Book Awards
  • Adventure Bronze Medal Winner — 2020 Readers’ Favorite Awards
Avanti Centrae

About the Author

International multi-award-winning and Amazon #1 bestselling author who blends intrigue, history, science, and mystery into pulse-pounding action thrillers.

Avanti Centrae is the author of the international multi-award-winning VANOPS thriller series. Her father served as a U.S. marine corporal in Okinawa, gathering military intelligence during the first decade after the Korean War. Her work has been compared to that of James Rollins, Steve Berry, Dan Brown, and Clive Cussler but has a voice all its own. She resides in Northern California with her family and German Shepherds.

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Book Review “The Rune Stone. Dr Dulac Series Book 3” by Julia Ibbotson

Time Slip Romance


The Rune Stone  (Dr DuLac series Book 3)

A haunting time-slip mystery of runes and romance

When Dr Viv DuLac, medievalist and academic, finds a mysterious runic inscription on a Rune Stone in the graveyard of her husband’s village church, she unwittingly sets off a chain of circumstances that disturb their quiet lives in ways she never expected. Once again, she feels the echoes of the past resonate through time and into the present. Can she unlock the secrets of the runes in the life of the 6th century Lady Vivianne and in Viv’s own life? Lives of the past and present intertwine alarmingly as Viv desperately tries to save them both, without changing the course of history.

For fans of Barbara Erskine, Pamela Hartshorne, Susanna Kearsley, Christina Courtenay.

(for A Shape on the Air) “In the best Barbara Erskine tradition …I would highly recommend this novel” –Historical Novel Society

(for the series) “Julia does an incredible job of setting up the idea of time-shift so that it’s believable and makes sense” – book tour reviewer

“Dr Ibbotson has created living, breathing characters that will remain in the reader’s mind long after the book is read … The characters are brought to life beautifully with perfect economy of description … fabulous!” – Melissa Morgan

“A rich and evocative time-slip novel that beautifully and satisfyingly concludes this superb trilogy. The story is woven seamlessly and skilfully between the past and the present and the reader is drawn deeply into both worlds.  Her portrayal of the 6th century and its way of life are authoritative, vivid and memorable” – Kate Sullivan

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The Rune Stone is one of those genres I enjoy so much. Ever since I read The Time Traveller’s Wife I have been drawn to time travel/time slip romance. This one however is even better. The era that Julia slips back to is more Medieval times, 6th century and it is very much connected with her family tree and her academic speciality.

Julia is a wonderfully written character, full of strength and determination. She is a character you are drawn to as she is totally believable and has all those human traits we all have. Doubt, trust, undying love for her child and husband. I really loved her as a person.

The Rune Stone is an intricately written tale and both worlds just come to life beautifully. this is down to Julia Ibbotson’s incredible writing style. It is the 3rd book of the Dr Dulac series. I have not read book 1 or 2 but I don’t feel that it was lacking at all for not having read the previous books. It certainly stands on its own. The explanations for who is who and what is happening just become seamless with the chapters. Although now I am going to read the first two. I fully immersed myself into Julia’s life and loved every minute. My advice? read the Synopsis, get drawn in, go and get yourself this series.


The Run Stone
Julia Ibbotson

Author Bio –

Julia Ibbotson is fascinated by the medieval world and the concept of time. She sees her author brand as a historical fiction writer of romantic mysteries that are evocative of time and place, well-researched and uplifting page-turners. Her current series focuses on early medieval time-slip/dual-time mysteries. Julia read English at Keele University, England, specialising in medieval language/ literature/ history, and has a PhD in socio-linguistics. After a turbulent time in Ghana, West Africa, she became a school teacher, then a university academic and researcher. Her break as an author came soon after she joined the RNA’s New Writers’ Scheme in 2015, with a three-book deal from Lume Books (Endeavour) for a trilogy (Drumbeats) set in Ghana in the 1960s. She has published five other books, including A Shape on the Air, an Anglo-Saxon timeslip mystery, and its two sequels The Dragon Tree and The Rune Stone. Her work in progress is the first of a new series of Anglo-Saxon mysteries (Daughter of Mercia) where echoes of the past resonate across the centuries. Her books will appeal to fans of Barbara Erskine, Pamela Hartshorne, Susanna Kearsley, and Christina Courtenay. Her readers say: ‘Julia’s books captured my imagination’, ‘beautiful story-telling’, ‘evocative and well-paced storylines’, ‘brilliant and fascinating’ and ‘I just couldn’t put it down’.

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Book Review “Alexander The Great Versus Julius Caesar”

Ancient World History


In the annals of ancient history the lights of Alexander the Great and Gaius Julius Caesar shine brighter than any other, inspiring generations of dynasts and despots with their imperial exploits. Each has been termed the greatest military leader of the ancient world, but who actually was the best? In this new book Dr Simon Elliott first establishes a set of criteria by which to judge the strategic and tactical genius of both. He then considers both in turn in brand-new, up-to-date military biographies, starting with Alexander, undefeated in battle and conqueror of the largest empire the world had seen by the age of 26\. Next Caesar, the man who played the crucial role in expanding Roman territory to the size which would later emerge as the Empire under his great nephew, adopted son and heir Augustus. The book’s detailed conclusion sets each of their military careers against the criteria set out earlier to finally answer the question: who was the greatest military leader in the ancient world?


Factual history books are mostly way outside my usual genre but this one peaked my interest due to having loved Classical Studies at school and we did an awful on Julius Caesar. I didn’tknow quite as much about Alexander The Great so here was my chance to learn. Boy did I learn! I was a little concerned that the book might be all stuffy and highbrow full of facts that couldn’t be taken in but no so, Simon Elliot writes in a style that really makes you want to learn more about these two characters. I read the book much more quickly that I thought I would. The level of research that has gone into this book is astounding, it is a veritable smorgasbord of facts and History from the the time period. the photography is beautiful and the artefacts contained within the photos create a fabulous picture in your minds eye about the era and the lives they lived.

The chapters are written separately on Alexander and his wars and Caesar and his escapades. This actually helps to be able to dip in and out of each of these great Generals of the Ancient world. Picking up interesting nuggets as you go. I think my husband is getting a bit fed up with me saying ” oh now that ‘s interesting, Did you know…?”

The final chapter is Simon’s conclusion on who he really believes was the greatest General of the time. I am not going to spoiling the answer to that. I definitely enjoyed this History of The greatest Generals of the Ancient Times and I would highly recommend to any history buffs or those studying this era. Its a fantastic book and I will be sharing my copy far and wide.


Author Info Dr Simon Elliott is an award winning and best selling historian, archaeologist, author, broadcaster, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent, Trustee of the Council for British Archaeology, Ambassador for Museum of London Archaeology, Guide Lecturer for Andante Travels and President of the Society of Ancients. He has published many well received books on themes related to the ancient world, most recently the Amazon no 1 best selling _Roman Britain’s Missing Legion_, and frequently appears on broadcast media as a presenter and expert on ancient world and military themes.

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Book Review “Tea for Two at the Little Cornish Kitchen” by Jane Linfoot


Tea for Two at the Little Cornish Kitchen

St Aidan: a cosy Cornish village where friendships are made for life and it’s always cocktail hour somewhere…

The Little Cornish Kitchen is going on tour!
When internet sensation ‘Cressida Cupcake’ has a soggy bottomed TV fiasco and faces bake-off backlash she jumps at the chance to spend some time hiding out in St Aidan, dog sitting for her brother.

Picturesque Seaspray Cottage is meant to be Cressy Hobson’s port in the storm but with her blog sponsors having fled and her book deal gone sideways her funds are running low and she’s forced to turn to the locals for help. Soon her quiet weeks in Cornwall are filled with chasing sheep, saving the local retirement village, taking The Little Cornish Kitchen into people’s homes for baking nights…and keeping vigilant guard against romance.

The one and only time Cressy lost her head to love was over a decade ago while in St Aidan, and she won’t be making the same mistake again – a feat easier said than done when Ross Bradbury looks even better a decade on…and every step she takes seems to put him in her path!

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Tea for Two at the little Cornish Kitchen is a wonderfully gentle tale of cake, seaside and escapism. The series has several previous books yet this, for me, worked well as a stand alone as well. I got to know the fabulous characters quickly. Cressy is a go getter and doesn’t allow her impending loss of a book contract and her blog failing rapidly. She quickly throws herself into life in St.Aidan.

This a definite feel good book with laughter and drama along the way. A great book to shut yourself away with, immerse yourself into the perfect St,Aidan and probably dream about living there. Of course you get the gorgeous pup, Diesel. How could you not fall in love with this feel good Romance with a whole bunch of scrumptious recipes at the end of the book.

I love a bit of escapism in a book and this one delivered on all fronts.


Author Bio

Jane Linfoot

Jane Linfoot is a best selling author, who lives in a cottage, up the steepest hill in Derbyshire, with her family, their pets, and an astonishing number of spiders. Although she loves seeing cow noses over the garden wall, she’s happy she can walk to a supermarket. Jane grew up in North Yorkshire where she spent a lot of her childhood avoiding horizontal gales blowing off the sea, and wrote her first book by accident, while working as an architect, and renovating country houses. While she loves to write feel good books that let readers escape, she’s always surprised to hear her stories make people laugh, admits to (occasionally) crying as she writes, and credits her characters for creating their own story lines. Jane’s garden would be less brambly if she wasn’t on Facebook and Twitter so often. On days when she wants to be really scared, she rides a tandem. She has lots of Pinterest boards relating to her novels.

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Book Review “Son of Mercia” by MJ Porter


Son of Mercia

Tamworth, Mercia AD825.

The once-mighty kingdom of Mercia is in perilous danger.

Their King, Beornwulf lies dead and years of bitter in-fighting between the nobles, and cross border wars have left Mercia exposed to her enemies.

King Ecgberht of Wessex senses now is the time for his warriors to strike and exact his long-awaited bloody revenge on Mercia.

King Wiglaf, has claimed his right to rule Mercia, but can he unite a disparate Kingdom against the might of Wessex who are braying for blood and land?

Can King Wiglaf keep the dragons at bay or is Mercia doomed to disappear beneath the wings of the Wessex wyvern?

Can anyone save Mercia from destruction?

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Son Of Mercia is an extraordinary book. I was thoroughly drawn in from the beginning and my attention was held right to the end. I will absolutely be awaiting the next book in this new series with eagerness.

The story is told from the main Character, Icel’s point of view. We learn about the life and struggles taking place Mercia. The subsequent kings that take, what they feel is their rightful place only to make things for Mercia and it’s people ever worse.

Icel is a young boy being cared for by his uncle, His Mother died in child birth and he does not know who is Father is. No one else appears to know either. We do find out but I am not going to spoil that revelation but does Icel ever learn the truth? would he really want to? he is a caring young boy helping the old woman healer prepare her medicines and potions. He watches her closely and learns a lot ftom her as she tends to wounded warriors returning from battles. This knowledge proves helpful to Icel as his journey into manhood continues.

MJ Porter skilfully portrays the hardship felt by Icel and his brother Edwin. Edwin is not really his blood relative but they are brought up together. Edwin wants nothing more than to be a brave warrior, whilst Icel is content with his healing. He compares himself often to Edwin and admires him greatly, but is betrayal round the corner? The writing is wonderfully descriptive and holds the readers attention. I found myself caring about Icel and willed him to find a life that he wants.

The author’s notes are really interesting and shows the extent of the research into this era that MJ Porter has gone to and this shines through his writing. I have always loved historical fiction surrounding Scottish Clearance Novels and Irish history and for me the Son of Mercia is right up there with the best of them. This is a well written, well rounded story that takes you on a journey of a child, becoming a man and living in treacherous times. He has to survive not only betrayal but a great loss along the way and I can not wait to see what becomes of Icel. Based on true historical facts alongside some artistic licence, Son of Mercia is an entertaining story of Anglo-Saxon history with a damn fine story thrown in.

Author Bio –

MJ Porter is the author of many historical novels set predominantly in Seventh to Eleventh-Century England, and in Viking Age Denmark. Raised in the shadow of a building that was believed to house the bones of long-dead Kings of Mercia, meant that the author’s writing destiny was set.

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Book Blitz “Hit By the Cupid Stick” by Abigail Owen

Hit by the Cupid Stick
by Abigail Owen
(Brimstone Inc.)
Publication date: February 1st 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


All’s fair in love and…whatever this is.

This Valentine’s Day, when a cupid accidentally shoots himself with his own arrow, he falls for a siren whose only job is to lure men to their deaths.

Charismatic and irresistibly fun, Chance Eroson is a cupid who gets a kick from pairing odd couples and being right about them. Used to getting his way, the only person who shuts him down is the siren who has ruined more than one of his pairings before they started. But his bigger problem is he wants her. He’s always wanted her.

Elodie Sirenian uses her power for good, only hunting evil men. But after so long, and so many horrible people, her cynicism has settled deep inside. She can turn on the charm when she doesn’t mean it, and they fall for it. Every single one. Every single time.

Except Chance. He’s the only person—man or god—who has ever challenged her.

But a cupid’s magic is temporary. There’s no way a true love match is possible. Not this time.








Multi-award-winning paranormal romance author, Abigail Owen, loves plots that move hot and fast, feisty heroines with sass, alpha heroes with heart, a dash of snark, and oodles of sexy shifters! Other titles include wife, mother, Star Wars geek, ex-competitive skydiver, spreadsheet lover, Dr. Seuss quoter, eMBA, organizational guru, Texan, Aggie, and chocoholic.

Abigail grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

Abigail currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero (who she totally married!) and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.

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Children’s Book Review “Monster Max and the Marmalade Ghost” by Robin Bennett

Book Reviewed by 8 year old girl

Monster Max and the Marmalade Ghost

Max and Peregrine are volunteering at an old people’s home, when strange things start to happen: one resident is walking on the ceiling; one is riding their wheelchair through walls; and Reggie says his marmalade is haunted (although no one listens). Can Max and his friends work out what’s happening to protect his family and the local community? Things aren’t looking good – the Marmalade Ghost is turning into a gloopy Godzilla, Max falls out with his (joint) best friend, and then, just when it can’t get any worse, someone kidnaps Max’s cat, Frankenstein… will they meet a sticky end?

Time to ‘Protect and Do Good Stuff!’

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Monster Max and the Marmalade Ghost was read and reviewed by my 8 Year Granddaughter. This review is her honest opinion for liking this book.


One of the things that really made me laugh and that I remember was the bit when Monster Max jumped forward trying to catch the Marmalade Ghost, he missed and said “Not so Fast”! This book made me smile and was great fun to read. I loved the colourful pictures and it was nice and easy to read. I read it in my bed at bedtime but had to finish it before I fell asleep because I was enjoying it so much. I like this book is good fun and would be good for boys and girls.

Niki Preston

I am so happy that K is reading and reviewing books with me. She has a great love of reading and she is enjoying receiving all sorts of books to read that she might not have read otherwise. She gives a very honest opinion and is enjoying sharing her views with everyone. I think the author of Monster Max and the Marmalade Ghost will be happy with K’s review. She is the target audience and truly loved this fun packed children’s book. She has told all her friends to read it.


Robin Bennett

Author Bio –

When Robin grew up he thought he wanted to be a cavalry officer until everyone else realised that putting him in charge of a tank was a very bad idea. He then became an assistant gravedigger in London. After that he had a career frantically starting business- es (everything from dog-sitting to cigars, tuition to translation)… until finally settling down to write improbable stories to keep his children from killing each other on long car journeys.

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Book Review “Redeemed by Her Midsummer Kiss” by Liz Fielding


Redeemed by Her Midsummer Kiss

Escape to the English countryside with Liz Fielding’s emotional and uplifting summer romance.

An escape to the country

A kiss to reawaken them both…

Honeysuckle Rose finds much-needed solace in her great aunt’s garden. But her peace is threatened by her distracting and brooding neighbour, Lucien Grey. Once a high-flying news reporter, Lucien returned from the front line a changed man. Honey can see that beneath his frosty exterior is a heart waiting to be thawed. Can their unexpected but impossible-to-ignore midsummer kiss be the beginning of a fresh start…together?

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First things first, Oh my goodness what an absolutely amazing read! I adored this book with all my heart. If you still think Mills and Boon is all about bodice ripping moments with beautiful people living perfect lives then you need to read Redeemed By Her Midsummer kiss. It will change your mind and leave you wanting to read more. I mean ok Honeysuckle and Lucien are gorgeous people but they have complicated lives and are very realistic believable characters. People you would be ok to be friends with. People you could easily fall in love with. I know I did.

One thing that made this book just that little bit special was the wonderful poems at the start of each chapter. They just made this book quite beautiful, a bit extra that added to the story. To me it felt like each poem matched the chapters impeccably. Liz writes with a clarity so strong that the story just comes alive. You get to know Honeysuckle and Lucien in depth and I was rooting for them right from the off. I loved Honeysuckle’s character and her love of gardening, I felt an immediate affinity with her.

All in all I can not say enough god things about this glorious love story about two people who just belong together. I LOVED IT!


Liz Fielding

Author Bio – Best selling author, Liz Fielding worked as a secretary in Africa, the Middle East and the UK before writing full time. Her award winning books are published worldwide in multiple languages and she has more than 15 million books in print.

Katie Fforde wrote, when honouring her with the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Outstanding Achievement Award in 2019 said – “Liz Fielding’s books, with their warmth, humour and emotion, have charmed millions of readers. She is a true star of the romantic fiction genre…”

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Mills and Boon

Book Review “Pepper Pot Farm” by K.T.Dady


Pepper Pot Farm

Welcome to Pepper Bay. A small close-knit community where you’ll find chocolate box cottages, quaint shops, drama, friendship, and love.

Snuggle down with this cosy, feel-good, comfort read that whisks you away to a beautiful bay on the Isle of Wight – Perfect for fans of Christie Barlow, Phillipa Ashley, and Holly Martin.

The Pepper Bay books are standalone stories that intertwine with recurring characters.

Pepper Pot Farm Tessie Sparrow and Nate Walker have everything a relationship can have, except intimacy. Neither of them want to add it into the mix, for fear of ruining their friendship.

It’s not easy for them to stay apart when they are growing so close, and Tessie’s secret plan to help save Nate’s farm might destroy them forever.


The Pepper Bay series is a really great feel good series. Pepper Pot Farm is the third book and can be read as a standalone as well.

I really enjoyed this book and as usual K.T.Dady writes the perfect contemporary romance. It is a warm fuzzy feeling kind of book that although a gentle read, it holds your attention and you very quickly fall in love with the Characters. Tessie is a wonderfully warm and loving character and she tries hard to make everyone around her happy However this time it really come be her downfall, is she forgetting her own happiness in her eagerness to please everyone. In this book we learn much more about Tessie and her somewhat strange relationship with Nate. Will they, won’t continues throughout, Nate continues to hate accepting any help yet his softer side shines through when he shows unbound warmth for his family. A side that Tessie really rather likes.

This book is full of great community spirit, fabulously set against a beautiful backdrop of the gorgeous countryside of Pepper Bay. In fact I think I’d really rather like to live here. I would highly recommend this series to lovers romance books that are not run of the mill.

Author Bio – Author, reader, mum, chocolate lover, and a huge fan of a HEA. I was born and raised in the East End of London, and I’ve been happily writing stories since I was a little girl. When I’m not writing, I’m baking cakes or pottering around in my little garden in Essex, trying not to kill the flowers. I’m the author of contemporary romance, middle-grade, and the thought-provoking thriller about mental illness, The Focus Program.

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Book Review “Diamond Geezer” by Gillian Godden


Diamond Geezer

Diamond by name…

Handsome, wealthy and successful, lawyer Nick Diamond is a man who commands and expects respect from everyone he meets. People think he is a man to be trusted. They are wrong.

Deadly by nature.

Because away from his glittering life in upper-class Chelsea, Nick is keeping a dark and dangerous secret. One that takes him to the slum estates of Glasgow and a very different world.

Nick will do anything to keep his secret under wraps, because if it’s ever revealed it would be his downfall.

Don’t miss this brilliant new gangland story from Gillian Godden – guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat! Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Heather Atkinson and Caz Finlay.

Purchase Link


Well would you believe it? Gillian Godden has gone and done it again! A whopper of a Gangland based thriller. It’s a fabulously fast paced read that totally has you on the edge of your seat. As ever with Gillian’s books, the characters are super strong. Some you like, some you really wouldn’t want to bump into. There are secrets abound, mistrust and even great comedic moments especially with Nick’s nan. I think this is why I loved this book. It’s not all doom and gloom, violence and anger. You really get to worm your way into each characters flaws and they become more realistic because of this.

What more do you need to know? Not much. Read the blurb, be ready for a book that you won’t want to put down. Characters you’ll love to hate. Drama with a shocking beginning, full of suspense and action packed. Shall I stop now? yep I think you get the picture, An all round awesome and gripping Thriller.

Gillian Godden

Author Bio –

Gillian Godden is a brilliantly reviewed writer of gangland fiction as well as a full-time NHS Key Worker in Hull. She lived in London for over thirty years, where she sets her thrillers, and during this time worked in various stripper pubs and venues which have inspired her stories. She has signed a six-book contract with Boldwood for a new series. In addition, Boldwood will be reissuing her five backlist titles.

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