Book Review “The Summer House” by Keri Beevis


Psychological Thriller

Stand alone

Length : 359

Publisher : Boldwood Books


The Summer House

Mead House was once our childhood home.

Despite my fears, I always knew we would have to return to face the demons of our past.

Back to the place where it happened, to where, as carefree teenagers, we lost our elder sister in the most brutal of circumstances.

As executors of our grandmother’s will, my twin brother, Ollie, and I needed to empty the house for resale.

What I didn’t expect to discover was my sister’s secret journal that contained her most private thoughts and shocking dark secrets.

Now I am questioning everything that I saw that night. Did I get it wrong, who I saw?

Did my evidence send an innocent man, my then boyfriend’s brother, to jail for the last 17 years?

I know I have no choice. If I want to find answers, I will have to go back to that fateful night my sister died. When she made her last visit to the summer house.

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Good grief The Summer House starts out full on and just doesn’t stop! Its an incredible psychological thriller with so many artful twists that you do not lose attention at all. To coin a phrase, a total page turner.

Keri is a brilliant creator of suspense. One minute you’re thinking “phew that’s over” then bam! she hits you with another little snippet of information that turns all your senses upside-down. A truly terrific read with characters that you either love or instantly hate. Lana is strong and opinionated. She is not happy to return to Mead House where her sister Camille died in an horrific manner. However when she does return things begin to go wrong for Lana, so very very long. Her twin brother Ollie comes across as a bit entitled and just wants to sell up and go back to his London life. He arrives with the rather dreadful Elise, his Fiancée.

Lana discovers facts about her dead sister that could throw the whole case on its head and prove that Sebastian is after all innocent. Lana meets with Sebs brother Xav who she dated all those years ago. He is hostile and doesn’t want to be near her. Then he witnesses a shocking incident and he comes to Lana’s rescue. The proverbial knight in shining armour. I’m saying no more, no spoilers here.

The Summer deserves 5 stars it is fascinating and creative, full of suspects, twists and turns that leave you drained of all energy after being fully immersed in this epic thriller. Just BRILLIANT!

Author Bio –

Keri Beevis is the internationally bestselling author of Dying To Tell, Deep Dark Secrets, Trust No One, Every Little Breath and The People Next Door. Dying To Tell reached no. 1 in the Amazon chart in Australia and was a top 25 hit in the UK. She lives in Norfolk, along with her two naughty kitties, Ellie and Lola, and a plentiful supply of red wine (her writing fuel).

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Facebook: Keri Beevis – Author | Facebook

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Keri Beevis

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