Book Review “Buttercups in the Basement” by Jane Harvey


Book 2 of 3 in The Hummingbird House Series

Length : 233 pages

Publisher : Dreena Collins


Buttercups in the Basement

1967: the summer of love and the year Betty moves into her first home.

Independent. Open. Inexperienced. She is excited to be living with her new husband, William, and committed to returning Hummingbird House to its former glory.

But when she invites captivating new tenants into her home and settles into married life, her world begins to transform in ways she could never have imagined.

She thought she was on a journey toward domesticity and devotion – but her experiences that summer prove to be anything but traditional.

Alternating between the1960s and the present day, Buttercups in the Basement is a delightful exploration of personal awakening, friendships – and what it means to be happy.

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I always love to find a book that resonates with me. Buttercups in the Basement did just that. The complex issues are dealt with in a sensitive manner and only goes to highlight that some issues from way back in the 60’s still exist today! which in itself is quite shocking. We think we have come far but actually in some areas we just haven’t. (I can’t go into detail as that would involve spoilers, not doing that) On top of all that is also told across two very different eras, the 60’s and present day. One of my favourite genres.

This is the second book in a series of 3 but having not read book 1 I didn’t feel like I had missed out to much, although I am now planning to go back and read the first one to get a more rounded read.

Betty has a beautiful soul. She is quite naïve and hopes her new life as a married woman will be satisfying and she will be fulfilled however she quickly finds out it is far from her expectations. Que Sandra, her tenant who opens Betty’s eyes in more ways than one. She sort of becomes her saviour. I loved how their relationship blossoms.

I found Jane Harvey’s writing style thoroughly captivating. It flowed well and you, as a reader just don’t want it to end. I highly recommend Book 2 in this series.

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Jane Harvey


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