Book Review “A Moment of Faith” by Martin Svaneborg


A Moment of Faith

‘Gripping Tale’ – Books Charming Reviewer

Copenhagen, 1840 – Fighting to reconcile his obligations with a quest for romance, the eccentric philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, rushes through the cobbled streets, thrusting himself into the arms of Regine and a disastrous engagement.

Copenhagen, 1855 – Withering away in a hospital bed, Bitter and alone, Kierkegaard conjures up a preposterous scheme. A vendetta against the Bishop of Copenhagen, and a mission to save the future of love.

Copenhagen, now – Introvert Christian Kardahl, meets devout and mysterious Emma for the first time. Two days later, Christian comes across an old letter aimed to destroy a famous, eccentric philosopher. When a sudden murder is added to the mystery, the past has caught up. Christian and Emma are drawn into an involuntary quest that will make them question their belief in history and, unless they can sort out the puzzle, their faith and love will be forever doomed.

‘Brilliantly written, a bridge between the present and Kierkegaard past’ – Book Reviewer

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I will have to admit straight away that I usually shy away from books that have a religious bias. However I thought, it’s good to try new things, go outside one’s comfort zone every now and then, isn’t it? I am glad that I did because A moment of Faith is almost magical with it’s past and present timeline. It is a beautifully written historical novel and the use of beautiful letters to Regine is truly sublime. They create a narrative almost of their own.

the characters are excellently portrayed and I wanted to know everything there was to know about them. I was totally immersed in this wonderful book. It is quite long and a complicated plotline means you really have to give it your all, but you won’t mind as it really grips you and you can not leave a chapter half way through. Give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time and space and I am more that sure you will love this book as much as I did. It has a bit of everything, romance, intrigue, murder and an ending that just leaves you wanting more.

As a reviewer, I don’t really go into the plotlines to much as I feel it can spoil a book for other readers. The synopsis provides just enough information to arouse your curiosity and believe me if you get a copy then you will not be disappointed. I am sure it has been likened to a Dan Brown style of book but in my humble opinion this is much better. It is fast paced but nothing gets overlooked. You will be trying to figure out just what is going on and you will feel, well I did , that you are right there in the book. I can not say anymore than a worthy 5 stars all round from me.

Author Bio –

With a background in musical theatre as both an actor, singer, and dancer, Martin Svaneborg has spent his teenage and adult life as a storyteller. In 2018, driven mainly by his interest in the history of religion, Martin started studying theology at the University of Copenhagen while exploring other ways of telling stories as a theatre director, speech coach, and speaker, hence the transition to novel writing felt natural, and his debut novel is a fusion of his growing interest for the personal life of the philosophers he encountered during his studies and the desire to tell an adventurous love story. Also, he, like Kierkegaard, has a thing for nice, long sentences.

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