Book Review “The Lady of the Loch” by Elena Collins




Length : 438 pages

Publisher : Boldwood Books


The Lady of the Loch

Although I believe I will die here in this castle, my spirit will never be silent.’

Ravenscraig Castle, Scotland. 1307

When the castle she works in is sacked by the army of Prince Edward of England, kitchen maid Agnes Fitzgerald manages to escape north of Inverness to throw herself at the mercy of the Lord and Lady at Ravenscraig Castle. Although safe for now, the people of Scotland are fighting hard for their independence, and the threat of the English hangs heavy over the land.  But when Agnes spies Cam Buchanan swimming in the loch, her mind turns away from war and towards love.  Agnes even dares to dream of a happy future, until she learns that Cam must go and fight alongside Robert de Brus.

Present day

Twins Leah and Zoe need a change, so caretaking at Ravenscraig Castle is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all. Surrounded by rugged Highland countryside, and bordered by a loch, the picturesque setting is everything they dreamed of. But the locals are reluctant to visit Ravenscraig, and there are whispers of ghosts and lost souls. The sisters quickly dismiss such superstition, but soon the overwhelming sadness they feel coming from the tower grows too hard to ignore.

Can the sisters finally right the wrongs of seven hundred years of heartbreak, seven hundred years of betrayal…

USA Today bestselling author Judy Leigh writing as Elena Collins, brings you this heart-breaking and unforgettable timeslip novel, perfect for fans of Barbara Erskine, Diana Gabaldon and Louise Douglas.

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REVIEW ~ NIKI PRESTON ~ 5 STARS PLUS (as 5 stars isn’t enough)

OMG, OMG and OM GEEEEEEE! what an astounding read The Lady of the Loch is. A haunting tale of love, loss and grief across two timelines that seamlessly blend together. I am not kidding Elena Collins absolutely creates exceptional characters that carry the story beautifully. I hate a cliché but she takes you on a journey. It breaks your heart into a million pieces yet builds it all back together all at the same time. Can you tell I LOVED THIS BOOK!

I used to live in Scotland and the wonderful descriptions of the mountains, weather, lochs and castles had me reminiscing about my time there. Elena is spot on with her historical revelations of the Scottish wars and battles. She does not hold back on the brutality of the war between the Scottish and the English. The death and destruction is truly shocking but brings the emotion to life completely. Agnes is just a beautiful character who not only is strong, she definitely will not let her lot in life beat her. She finds the love of her life, but they had to meet in secret. Her heart truly belongs to Cam. Will he be her downfall? will they ever truly be together? Can there be a happy ending? I hope so I really hope so (no spoilers here 😉

In the present day we meet Zoe and Leah. Zoe loves Scotland and her life currently is falling apart. She grabs the chance to become the caretaker of the beautiful renovated Ravenscraig Castle. With every description I felt like I was right there, roaming the castle feeling a presence that gets stronger. Leah feels it strongly but just isn’t sure if it’s real or just because the castle is a haunting place and bloomin’ freezing. Seriously this book has it all and I really didn’t want it to end. I raced through it with hope in my heart that Agnes will find her peace.

The lady of the Loch is devastating, uplifting, haunting, ghostly, full of love. A love like no other. The brutality Agnes witnesses is utterly heart wrenching and I found my tears flowed freely for her. An emotionally charged read that left me breathless, happy, sad and every other emotion in between. Elena is the Queen of this genre and I can not recommend her and her books highly enough.

Author Bio –  Elena Collins is the pseudonym for USA Today bestselling author Judy Leigh writing unforgettable, heart-breaking timeslip novels. She has lived all over the UK from Liverpool to Cornwall, but currently resides in Somerset.

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