Book Review “How To Destroy Your Husband” by Jess Kitching

BOOK REVIEW NO; 156 (many more on my instagram @nikiprestonbookreviewer)

Psychological Thriller


length : 359 pages

Publisher : Kingsley Publishers


I gulp as I stare at the stranger before me. Who is this man I had wanted to spend the rest of my life with?”

Cassie Edwards swore she’d never fall in love… then she met Jamie. He changed everything, and Cassie’s never been happier.

But with less than one month to go to her wedding, Cassie discovers Jamie is cheating on her with his colleague. Blinded by rage, Cassie makes it her mission to seek revenge on the pair.

When Cassie looks deeper into her fiancé’s life, she soon realises being faithful isn’t the only thing he’s lying about.

As her hunt for the truth takes her to some of the darkest corners of the internet, Cassie learns just how little she knows about the man she shares her life with. It leaves her wondering one thing – is Jamie someone she should destroy, or someone she should fear instead?

How far would you go to destroy your husband?

REVIEW ~ NIKI PRESTON ~ 5 STARS PLUS (for when 5 just isn’t enough)

WOW WOW WOW! Jess Kitching has absolutely done it again with this, her second novel! Hard to believe it is only her second. She has developed her craft to a T and for me she is rapidly becoming one of the best Psychological Thriller writers out there.

The opening chapter is a blinder and totally sets the scene for the whole book. Jess’s characters are brilliantly written, each one has their own flaws and foibles that makes them completely believable, people you can invest in, that you begin to care about and worry about. I wanted to be there for Cassie as she begins to unravel the true levels of deceit her Fiancé has gone to. As she ploughs on with her plans, a chill slowly flowed over me as I worried for her more and more. Does she really know what she is doing? Is she playing with fire? Is she going to get burned? All questions that Jess answers with a creative twist that is just phenomenal.

I am not going to waffle on about the actual story, the synopsis is perfect and draws you in just that right amount to make you need to read this glorious book. Suffice it to say Jess has blown this genre into tiny pieces and totally made it her own, I LOVED IT ! There is nothing more to say other than grab a copy and dive into the dark and seedy world of Jamie and his ever loving Fiancée Cassie, or is she?


With huge thanks for inviting me onto this Blogtour to Kingsley Publishers and Jess Kitching


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