Book review “The Hotel by the Riviera” by Carol Kirkwood



Follow on from Under A Greek Moon

Length 356 Pages

Publisher, Harper Collins


By the sapphire blue waters of the French Riviera, a decades-long secret is about to be revealed…

Wayward Greek heiress, Ariana Theodosis, inherits the Hotel du Soleil as part of a mysterious legacy. Captivated by its faded glamour, she hopes it offers her the chance to start again.

Hotelier Gabriel du Lac’s family have owned the hotel for decades – and he has no intention of giving it up for a beautiful stranger.

Madame du Lac has watched the rich and famous pass through the doors of the hotel for almost half a century, and she has kept its secrets too.

As the past finally catches up with them all, will this summer reveal a forgotten secret, and change their lives forever…?


Well what can I say except WOW! Carol Kirkwood is back and with a truly stunning second Novel. I adored Under a Greek Moon but dare I say I adored The Hotel on the Riviera even more. We still have the glitz and glamour, the beautiful people with huge amounts of money but this time we get even more drama. Ariana is wonderfully feisty. She has done the usual circuit of Hollywood glamour but now she has found something that may well be THE thing she’s been craving for so long. A grounding, a place to learn to be herself and not just be “Daddy’s little rich girl” Will she achieve her dream? Can she run away from her past? Is Gabriel trustworthy or just a snake in the grass? All questions that will be answered when you dive into your copy. Trust me it is so worth it.

The drama that follows Ariana draws you right into her life. Sometimes I found myself telling her off! “Please don’t do that again Ariana” every time she repeated a silly mistake, no I’m not saying what, that would spoil the fun.

I believe Carol Kirkwood’s writing style has just blossomed, her characterisations are expertly developed and feel authentic. The situations they find themselves in, the passion, the doubt, the regret, everything was created just perfectly. I LOVED IT. Need I say more? Nope I don’t believe I do except that this is a book that deserves to be read and shared and enjoyed by many readers for years to come. Compelling, beautiful and superbly written.

PS, it’s 5 stars (plus) because, for me 5 stars just wasn’t quite enough.



Carol Kirkwood is one of our most loved TV personalities. Millions of viewers and listeners know her for her weather reports on BBC Breakfast, Radio 2‘s Breakfast show, Wimbledon fortnight and for waltzing into our hearts on Strictly Come Dancing. Carol was inspired to write her first novel by her passion for travel and her love of Hollywood glamour. Off-screen, Carol can often be found ensconced in a book, singing, dancing and taking long walks in the countryside.

With Thanks for the Advance Copy to …..


Carol Kirkwood

Harper Collins

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