Book Review “Little Sister” by Patricia MacDonald


Psychological Thriller

Stand Alone

Pages: 332



Two estranged sisters.
One obsessive boyfriend.
A dark secret that could destroy them all.

Beth has the perfect life. She’s the one who escaped her bleak hometown and now she’s got a successful business, a devoted boyfriend, and her dream home.

Then one phone call changes everything . . .

Her father is dead. And Beth must go home to Maine to take care of her fourteen-year-old little sister who she hasn’t seen in eight years.

Her little sister is dating a dangerous man. He’s too old for her. Obsessive and controlling.

And he’ll do anything to keep Beth’s little sister to himself.

An electrifying blend of high domestic suspense, heart-stopping tension  with a shattering final twist.


Little Sister is an intensely nerve jangling read. It begins relatively harmlessly with Beth having to return to her unhappy childhood home for her Father’s funeral. A father she didn’t have any feelings for and a little sister she hadn’t seen for 8 Years. what could go wrong? Well a fair bit actually!

Beth is rich and seemingly living the life. A good job, boyfriend, home with everything just so. Francie, her little sister is the polar opposite, living in a place that is only just catching up with the modern world. Francie is a bit of rebel and does as she pleases. Something will have to give? who or what will it be?

I was engrossed in this book from the off. It begins slowly and we learn a lot about two main characters. really getting into their psyche. Learning what makes them tick. Watching their relationship grow is fascinating. They crash about from misunderstanding to lies and deceit but never apparently getting to know each or even trying to get to know each other. Then throw in one lying, much older boyfriend , Andrew and disaster resonates throughout their relationship.

I was happily going along with getting to know Beth and Francie when all of a sudden things change and not for the better, although Beth and Francie are beginning to get to know each other there is something lurking in the background that is creepy and dangerous.

The last few chapters will have you page turning at a pace. It is thrilling and fast and you really find yourself truly involved in the unfolding events. I was scared and my heart rate increased so much I could feel it beating. The ending is utterly enthralling. I gave this book 5 stars (plus) as 5 stars just wasn’t enough. Grab yourself a copy and prepare for a great thrilling read.


With Thanks for The Advance Copy to ….


Patricia MacDonald

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