Book Review “Attracting Garden Pollinators” by Jean Vernon



Attracting Garden Pollinators is a friendly, accessible, information packed guide to gardening for and with pollinators. Pollinators are in trouble, but our gardens can help. Gardens represent a vast, varied ‘nature reserve’ packed with plants rich in nectar and pollen to sustain these delicate creatures. This book explores the role that pollinators play and how gardeners and people with gardens can do something to help attract and support them. From butterflies (and their caterpillars – with host plant information) to surprising pollinators (moths, wasps, beetles flies and hornets) and of course including honeybees, hoverflies and bumblebees, this book will offer an insight into their fragile existence, lifecycles and their vital role in the food chain and the natural cycle. Jean Vernon is the Best-Selling author of The Secret Lives of Garden Bees.


What an absolutely beautiful book and one that is so very important for the times we live in. In my other life I am a Garden writer and love love gardening, it is my sanctuary, where I need to go to wind down and just reset. This book is great to not only encourage the bees and other pollinators but also us, as gardeners. We do need to learn to share our space and not be quite so prim and proper about our gardens. I am proud to say that I have a wildlife friendly garden with a small pond, full of frogs and newts. Bees, butterflies, dragonflies and so many more are all welcome here. This book shows how we can all achieve this, even in a small space, a few plants in pots will soon be buzzing with pollinators.

Attracting Garden pollinators is a wonderful book to dip in and out of. The photographs are stunning and really draw you in. I love the way it is written, in an encouraging style without being patronising or demanding. I have shared this book with my 8 year old budding gardener Granddaughter. She is the proud owner of her first sunflower, grown from seed and her first strawberries. She absolutely loves this book. She found it very interesting and engaging and even took it into school to talk about and to show all her friends how to be pollinator attractors. These are the gardeners of tomorrow and this book really hit the spot for them.

The perfect book to get you started, with plant suggestions, bug habitats and houses you can put in your garden to encourage more pollinators. Stunning photos and just al round brilliant information.



Jean Vernon is an award-winning nature writer and the author of the best-selling – The Secret Lives of Garden Bees.

She writes about wildlife for the RHS Journal – The Garden. She is a contributor to the gardening section of The Daily Telegraph and has written many articles on bees, pollinators and the needs of garden bees. Fascinated by bees and the environment since a youngster, she is a tree and bee guardian and passionate about championing bees and pollinators and wildlife of all sorts. It is her mission to unravel, demystify and explain the intricate balance of nature in your garden and to introduce you to the familiar and unfamiliar bees and pollinators that live, breed and breathe within the garden habitat.

She writes in a friendly, accessible style to make facts interesting and understandable, bringing the fascinating complexities of insects and nature within reach of every reader, regardless of their age, level of interest and knowledge.

Jean studied botany at Nottingham University and has had a long and varied career writing about plants, gardens, pollinators and wildlife in the garden

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