Book Review “Fallout” by Edie Baylis


Gangland Thriller

Book 2 in The Allegiance Series

356 pages

Publisher BOLDWOOD



Secrets. Lies. Revenge.

With the odds stacked against her, Samantha Reynold is determined to prove she’s tough enough to be the boss. But when a secret from the past threatens to ruin Sam’s reputation, she suddenly feels very alone in this dark new world. There’s only one man she can turn to – rival club owner, Sebastian Stoker.

Seb knows first-hand how secrets and lies can tear a family apart. He wants to protect Sam at all costs, but siding with her could threaten his own position as head of the Stoker family and risk accusations of betrayal.

With loyalties divided and two families at war – the fallout could be deadly.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fallout is a great follow up to the continuing saga of the Reynolds and the Stokers. I read Book One quite a while ago but everything came back to me really quickly. Edie Baylis has a no nonsense style and her characters speak and act exactly the way you would expect. They are totally believable and I enjoyed getting to know these characters again and delving deeper into their seedy world of drugs, clubs and complicated relationships. Especially Sam and Seb, they are so right for each but from different sides of the fence can they really believe a relationship would ever be possible?

The tension and a building level of distrust is told superbly well. You can not help but get drawn into the lives of these families. Some of the characters are downright despicable and you really do seethe when they pop up. Edie has a fabulous way of bringing out your emotions when reading her books. A pretty hard task I am quite sure. It proves she has it spot on when you really hate the sleazy low life’s that crawl out of the pages. I warmed to Sam and Seb increasingly and just rooted for them throughout. Yes they still are part of this underworld that makes them take decisions most of us wouldn’t but they are good people at heart. I loved Fallout and Find Edie Baylis is up there on my fav authors list. Just brilliantly gritty.

Author Bio –

Edie Baylis is a successful self-published author of dark gritty thrillers with violent background settings. She lives in Worcestershire, has a history of owning daft cars and several motorbikes and is licensed to run a pub. She has signed a five-book deal with Boldwood.

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Edie Baylis

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