Book Review ” The Land of Twydell & the Dragon Egg” Book 2 in the Tales of Avalon series. By Daisy Bourne.

Childrens Book

Age range 8 to 18

Mystery and Magic


The Land of Twydell & the Dragon Egg, Book 2 in the Tales of Avalon series

The Land of Twydell & the Dragon Egg, is the second book in the Tales of Avalon Series.

What happened during Merlin’s trip to Twydell? Who, or what, did he meet? The Land of Twydell and the Dragon Egg, describes the wizard’s extraordinary adventures in Avalon’s neighbouring country and the people and creatures he meets there.

As he flies across the countryside on his broomstick he is puzzled to see a long line of people leaving the capital of Dalton and heading towards the outlying villages. Entire families are leaving the capital. They look ragged and downcast and appear to be taking their possessions with them. As he approaches Dalton, Merlin is shocked to see billowing smoke and that large parts of the city have been destroyed by fire.

The wizard learns that the devastation has been caused by a pair of dragons which have lived near the city for many years without any problem. King Frederrick is bewildered as to why the dragons should suddenly seek to attack the Twydellers for no apparent reason.

Merlin agrees to help the Twydellers and sets off on an unexpected adventure which brings him in contact with dragons and other strange creatures. He also renews his friendship with an old friend and is delighted to meet new ones.

If you like stories about magical beings then you will enjoy reading The Land of Twydell & The Dragon Egg.

Daisy Bourne’s exciting Tales of Avalon Series continues with The

Land of Twydell and the Dragon Egg. This sequel continues the saga

of Merlin and King Arthur.

The Land of Twydell is an engaging story that readers will enjoy whether

they are followers of the series or first-time readers.

Bourne’s writing packs a lot of action in such a short novel. The Land

of Twydell is fast- paced and the dialogue is compelling throughout

the novel.

The Land of Twydell would be perfect for readers who are fans of Lord

of the Rings or other fantasy novels about odysseys and journeys. Young

adult readers may be the target audience, but readers of all ages will love

this novel.

–Pacific Book Review

The story is filled with magic and adventure. The concepts are simple

enough for a young child to understand, yet complex enough to keep

minds working on linking all the pieces together. Language used is

also accessible to younger readers without necessarily “talking down”

to them. Even in the world of magic and mystery, manners and respect

turn out to be the greater forces at work, providing children with

important life lessons without being preachy or lecturing.

–US Review of Books

The Land of Twydell and the Dragon Egg was a finalist in the USA’s Eric Hoffer Awards 2017.

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REVIEW ~ KM (age 8) ~ 5 STARS

This review has been done by my Grandaughter, KM and written up on her behalf. She is 8 years old.


Wow I really really loved this book. It was super exciting to read. I love this kind of magical story and I thought the characters were fabulous but my favourite one was Merlin and my favourite bit was when they go into to forbidden forest to find birds. It was so good and I didn’t want the story to end. I think everybody of any age would love this book. My stars would definitely be 5 stars. it’s really enjoyable story and the writing was easy to follow. Brilliant.


well I think we safely say KM loved this story. I knew she would as she devoured The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe when she was 7 so this was always going to right up her street. She is an avid reader so I am very grateful to all authors who create such books that spark imagination and a real love of books.

Author Bio –

About the Author Daisy Bourne was born in England, in 1917. Nothing much is known about her real parents, except that their lives were changed dramatically by the First World War. At the age of six, Daisy was unofficially adopted by a farmer and his wife. They changed her name and took her to Canada. There are several similarities between the real Daisy Bourne and her namesake in this book. To a small child, Canada, with its heavy snowfalls, huge forests, and grizzly bears, must indeed have seemed like some kind of new world. Although Daisy loved Canada and the farm on which she lived, she was not happy and ran away. She returned to England at the age of 16. In later life, she took up farming again. She also enjoyed her garden and preserving much of its produce. This is where the similarities between the real Daisy and the character in this book end. I am proud to use my mother’s birth name as a pseudonym when writing the Tales of Avalon series. My ambition is to one day write the story of the real Daisy Bourne. In the meantime, I shall work to complete the other seven books in the Tales of Avalon series

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2 thoughts on “Book Review ” The Land of Twydell & the Dragon Egg” Book 2 in the Tales of Avalon series. By Daisy Bourne.

  1. I bought this book for my son, whose birthday is on St. Geroge’s Day – so very appropriate with dragons and all that. I did read it through first and thoroughly enjoyed it (didn’t take too long to read – less than 100 pages). I think the first book should be read first so I ordered it (it’s quite a bit longer. Started it last night and am now completely drawn in to the series.


    1. I am so glad your son enjoyed this book. Its a great next level book. Not quite grown up but grown up enough to grab their attention. thank you for your message.


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