Book Review “The Murky World of Timothy Wall” by Ian McFadyen


The Murky World of Timothy Wall

When the body of Timothy Wall, a Private Detective, is found in his office, the querulous Inspector Carmichael discovers some surprising revelations and curious contradictions about the dead man. Loved by many and seemingly despised by others in equal measure, Timothy Wall’s whole world seems to be strewn with paradoxes.   

This fast-moving whodunnit, based in the North West of England, sees McFadyen’s detective team tackle one of their most taxing cases yet.

Who killed Timothy Wall? Will one of his numerous lovers or ex-partners provide the answer to the conundrum? And what about Tim’s involvement with the brothers Baybutt, the local bookmakers. Do they know more than they are telling?

As Carmichael and his team seek answers to these questions it becomes crystal clear that all was not quite how it seemed in the life of Timothy Wall. This, the nineth book in the Carmichael series, is full of twists, turns and red herrings that will keep the reader guessing right up to the bitter end.


The Murky World of Timothy Wall in number 9 in the series but in all honestly is does work as a stand alone as well. Its an intriguing plotline that has a perfect flow, it holds your interest in a calm manner with plenty of twisting in the story. You’ll be lead a merry dance if you’re like me and try to solve the murders before the characters in the book. Well that’s not going to happen, I changed my mind so many times my head was spinning. I’m sure I deserve a seat on the Carmichael team. As a classic whodunit murder its a brilliant read that will keep you stuck on your seat for hours.

I got into the story and characters almost immediately. The descriptions of the characters, murder scene and underlying plotline are expertly done. If a book so chunky, 439 pages to be exact, can hold your attention from beginning to end then that’s a damn fine book in my humble opinion. The chapters are short which for me just keeps the pace flowing quickly, the story keeps moving apace and you just have to read “on more page, one more chapter” then hey presto its finished and you’re itching to get your hands on the next one. A brilliant plot, superbly written. The perfect book for anyone who loves a proper murder thriller with a excellent plotline. Loved it.


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AUTHOR — Author Ian McFadyen visits Ulverston Library to talk to local people about his books. Thursday 30th October 2014. HARRY ATKINSON REF:

Ian McFadyen grew up in Lancashire, the setting for the Carmichael series of detective novels. Having studied marketing at Huddersfield University he had a 30-year career in sales and marketing with leading global companies in the electronics industry before switching full-time to writing. He has published eight books in the Carmichael series so far, several of which are available in large print, two have been translated and published in Italian and two in Czech. He lives in Bishop’s Stortford, Herts.

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