Book Review “Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market” by Nicola May

Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market

‘Full of heart, hope, friendship, family and laughter, and a plot with a mystery gagging to be solved’ Kim Nash on Welcome to Ferry Lane Market

When Star Bligh got pregnant at the age of sixteen, she thought her life was over. Now thirty-three, mother to Skye and owner of the successful jewellery stall in Ferry Lane Market in Hartmouth, Cornwall, she wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Well, maybe one. A few months ago she fell hard for American visitor Jack, but then he left without even saying goodbye and ever since she has struggled to get him out of her head. Until the handsome, roguish Conor turns up and sweeps her off her feet. But then one day, Star is shocked to bump into Jack. He’s back in Hartmouth to tell her why he left – but is she ready to listen?

As things get more complicated with her love life, another revelation threatens to turn the lovely world she has built for her and Skye upside down. But could this be the one thing that will make it complete?


Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market does not disappoint in “Chick Lit” stakes. A beautifully crafted novel with plenty of laughs and love along the way. A perfect bit of escapist writing that flows well and takes you on a lovely journey with the main characters, Star, Skye and Conor to name but a few. A wonderful “will they, won’t they” novel. The Characters feel like old friends from the off, they are realistic and not over the top “mushy” as some books in this genre can be. I loved every page with an enthusiasm that meant I found it hard to put down. A perfect few evenings were spent devouring the pages and stories contained within. I have not read this author before and now I have found her I’m not letting go. One of the best things about being a book reviewer is stumbling across authors like Nicola May, authors who write from the heart and have that uncanny knack of making you feel part of the story, making you think “I want to live here and have these people in my life”.

A very down to earth book full of characters that are 100% believable. They have issues, but the don’t we all. I definitely related to Star and her relationship with her Daughter Skye, the drama and emotional journeys everyone goes on are perfectly created and I can not wait for the next instalment or indeed any book by Nicola May.


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Author Bio – Nicola May writes ‘chick lit with a kick’ and is the internationally bestselling author of eleven romantic comedies. All have appeared in the Kindle bestseller charts. The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay became the best-selling Kindle book in the UK across all genres in January 2019 and March 2020 respectively. It was also the second best-selling eBook of 2019 in the UK. Nicola’s books have also been sold in many languages.

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