Book Review “My Secret Sister” by Lauren Westwood

My Secret Sister

Two DNA tests, one big lie…

“As I speed off in the ambulance holding my daughter’s hand, I wonder how I could have been so stupid. I should have made the bargain, paid the price – anything to avoid being right here, right now. 

A voice whispers in my head that I can’t silence. This is all your fault. You killed her. It’s her voice, the one I hear in my nightmares. The woman who stole my memories, the woman who stole my life. And, this time, I know she’s right.”

How far would you go to save your child?

Claire is living every mother’s worst nightmare. Her daughter, Jess, has been diagnosed with a rare illness and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. With no match on the registry, Claire turns to a charismatic geneticist for help and embarks on a Genetic Journey to seek a familial match for her daughter.

On the other side of the country, Marianne suffers her eighth miscarriage. Her perfect life is rotting underneath, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to have a baby.

When DNA test results reveal that Claire and Marianne are half-sisters, Claire must face the dark lies of the past and make impossible choices about the future. Is her secret sister the answer to her prayers, or will she cost her everything?

My Secret Sister is a tense and emotional family drama with a moral dilemma at its heart. Fans of Liane Moriarty, Jodi Picoult, and John Marrs’ The One will be gripped.

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What an absolute heart breaking story. Many times I found myself holding my breathe and fighting back tears. Both of these families are going through horrendous emotional times that is really does make your heart ache for them. The characters are hugely complex and Jess is a particularly likeable girl just trying to come to terms with her illness and her loss of a childhood. She can see that her mother wraps her in cotton wool, which annoys her greatly. She is also astute enough to see how her older sister is being affected by this family drama and seemingly lack of her Mother’s love. Poor Jess is an incredible character, strong yet almost resigned to her fate.

Family ties are strong throughout the story even those family members that you didn’t know you actually had. The DNA story is so interesting and in my humble opinion is written with a truth and strength that just takes you away on a thought process, wondering about your own DNA and how far reaching it can be.

This really is a phenomenal book that I couldn’t put down. I read it in two days and had tears streaming down my face. A few personal things came up for me that just made me weep. So just a little warning the story does deal with unsuccessful IVF and miscarriage quite often so may well be upsetting, yet it is such an awesome story told with such compassion that I would highly highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a family drama that deals with illness, grief, love and life and most of all the family ties that bind us together.

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Author Bio:

My books explore the darkness and the light of the human spirit, and take you on an emotional journey. My Sister’s Secret is a tense and emotional drama about a mother’s race against time to save her daughter’s life. My Mother’s Silence is a gripping and romantic drama about homecoming and family secrets set in the wild Scottish highlands. It was shortlisted for the Jackie Collins Romantic Thriller Award 2020. The Daughter She Lost is a dark journey of self-discovery and overcoming the secrets of the past. My holiday romance Moonlight on the Thames is a love story to classical music and the healing power of love. It was a bestseller in urban fiction and top 100 Kindle book. My first three novels: Finding Home, Finding Secrets and Finding Dreams all feature mysterious old houses and intelligent, feisty contemporary heroines who set out to unravel the mysteries of the past. I also write award winning children’s books as Laurel Remington. I am originally from California, and now live in Surrey, UK with my partner and three daughters.

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Twitter: @lwestwoodwriter

Facebook: @Lwestwoodbooks


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Lauren Westwood

Rachel Gilby

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  1. Thank you so much for being part of the blog tour and for this wonderful review. I am so very grateful and glad you loved the book!


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