Book Review “Murder at the Abbey” by Francis Evesham


Murder at the Abbey

The Brand NEW instalment in the bestselling Exham-on-Sea series.

An unsolved murder echoes down the corridors of Cleeve Abbey for years.

The Exham-on-Sea’s History Society’s annual summer picnic comes to an abrupt end when human bones are discovered in Washford River, beside historic Cleeve Abbey.

Thrilled to find evidence of a possible centuries-old murder mystery, the members of the society organise a ghost-hunting night in the ruins of Cleeve Abbey, despite amateur sleuth Libby Forest’s reservations.

Libby is a woman of many talents, a baker, chocolatier, even a reluctant sleuth, but she’s no fan of the supernatural.and her doubts are justified when a friend is attacked under cover of darkness at the ghost-hunt.

Distressed and angry, Libby sets out with her new husband Max and their two dogs Bear and Shipley to uncover the connection between the murder of a sixteenth century monk and a present-day attack in picturesque Somerset.

With friends and neighbours as suspects, Libby and Max close in on the culprit only to find that others are still in danger.

There’s no time to lose as the sins of the past threaten lives in the community.

Murder at the Abbey is the eighth in a series of Exham-on-Sea Murder Mysteries from the small English seaside town full of quirky characters, sea air, and gossip.

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A lovely cosy, proper whodunnit style book and I loved it. Really gets your grey matter working. Plenty of twists and turns and full of quirky characters and the odd irritating ones too, as you would expect in a this genre. I laughed and I gasped at some of the goings on. I’d love to say I figured who did do it but I didn’t! That is the sign of superb writing, leading you to believe one thing then wham turning on a sixpence and it’s the one person I was so sure it wasn’t.

The setting is beautifully idyllic with plenty of atmospheric old buildings. The abbey and it’s spooky ghost hunt that proves to be a killer, well almost. I was totally drawn into the plot, the characters, the bones, the bodies, everything! I loved it. I know I have said it already but I really did love it..

This is book 8 I believe in the series but the first one for me. Although I initially had a bit of a problem sorting out who was who it really didn’t take me long and I believe it works well as a stand alone. I am definitely going to read the others though. This genre is right up my street. The nights are drawing in, it’s getting chilly and what better way to spend a few hours immersed in a really great Agatha Christie style novel that has a strong plot, paced just right to keep you reading. If like me you are an avid armchair sleuth then this book is one for you. I loved it!.

Author Bio –  Frances Evesham is the author of the hugely successful Exham-on-Sea mysteries set in her home county of Somerset. Boldwood has republished the complete series. Frances has also started a new cosy crime series set in rural Herefordshire, the first of which was published in June 2020.

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