Book Review “The Reboot” by Clodagh Murphy

4 Stars


The Reboot

Ella and Roly have bright futures ahead of them when they meet as teenagers and strike up an unlikely friendship. She has her career in academia all mapped out, and his star is in the ascendant as member of a manufactured boy band.

But ten years later, neither is where they expected to be. A chronic illness forced Ella to abandon her studies and put her dreams on hold, while Roly got kicked out of the band and lost everything – all his money, his career in music, even the underwear-model girlfriend.

When they cross paths again they’re both ready to start over, and they rekindle their friendship as they each try to get back what they lost.

But Ella didn’t tell Roly what really happened the last time they met. And if he finds out, will it be the end of their new beginning?

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A compelling read that keeps you wondering throughout. A will they, wont they scenario runs underneath that keeps you reading, with intrigue right till the end.

The big secret that threatens to damage the budding relationship between Ella and Roly does come out towards the end of the book and it really made me go “oh no, now what”? but there was also a sense of “good for you” in my mind too.

Roly is a character that I couldn’t take to initially and the writing obviously leads you to feel this way, The sign of a fine book that is well written because it evokes strong emotions towards its characters. I did come to really love his character though, he’s a cutie really under all his bluster and I just want to be famous façade.

Ella is an altogether different character, wearing her heart on her sleeve. She tries to help Roly “Reboot” his life with healthy eating regimes and running schedules that they both enjoy. But is she being totally honest with herself and Roly? Is this only going to lead to total disaster? I’ll leave up to you to find out.

I would highly recommend this fabulously written romance come life changing novel. The Characters really try hard to be better in all walks of their lives, a definite page turner that I read really fast, another sign of an excellently written, keeps your interest to the last word, type of book. Love it.

Author Bio –

Clodagh Murphy lives in Dublin, Ireland and loves writing sassy, sexy romantic comedies. She has worked as a bar waitress, cleaner, secretary, editorial assistant, mystery shopper and movie extra. But she always dreamed of being an author, and after more jobs than she cares to remember, she now writes full-time. For more information about her books or to sign up to her newsletter, visit her website at

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