Book Review “The Stolen Baby” by Diney Costeloe



Based on a gripping and moving true story,The Stolen Baby is the new Second World
War novel from bestselling author Diney Costeloe
Plymouth, 1941. As sirens blare all around, the Shawbrook family take refuge in a packed shelter. Bombs have
already begun to fall through the night sky when they realise their infant son, Freddie, has been forgotten in
the rush, left to sleep in his crib. Terrified, Vera, his young mother races to find him and bring him to safety.

The next morning, air raid warden David Shawbrook returns from his watch to find the shelter pulverised, and his
family seemingly all dead. Dirty footprints inside their home betray the looters who have rifled through the
Meanwhile, Maggie waits alone for her husband. Since the death of her infant son, she passes her days at home with
neither joy nor aim. But not this morning. For this morning her husband has brought home a child, found
abandoned in the aftermath of the terrible raid – a child she is sure is the one she held in her arms so many months


The Stolen Baby had me enthralled right from the word go. A highly emotional Novel that brings WW2 to life in the most lifelike manner that reached right into my soul. I felt that I was there with them, experiencing the absolute devastation and heartache on every page, How people just had to get up and get on no matter what had happened to them. Demolished homes, lost lives, new love and the most heart-breaking, thinking you’d lost your entire family and your precious baby.

Maggie is a tricky character but I really did feel her pain at the lose of her baby but what she goes on to do is utterly devastating for others. In her mind she is doing the right thing and once she decides on her course of action, it is almost impossible for her to relent and go back on her decision.

The Shawbrook families story is shocking and certainly brings home the absolute horror of war, yet also the ability of a family to carry on and find new love and hope.

An absolutely remarkable story. I was totally drawn in to the stories of these characters. The ups and downs had me in tears and I felt an outright love and in awe for everything they go through. A must read for any Historical war Novel lover. The Stolen Baby stands out a mile as an outstanding story that takes you on an emotional ride through many highs and lows.

About the Author:
Diney Costeloe divides her time between Somerset and West Cork. She is the author of
twenty-three novels, several short stories, and many articles and poems. She has three
children and seven grandchildren, so when she isn’t writing, she’s busy with family. @dineycosteloe
For more information please contact: Avneet Bains ·
Head of Zeus, 5-8 Hardwick Street, London, EC1R 4RG ∙ ∙ @HoZ_Books

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