Book Review “The Fall” by Evie Hunter


The Fall

Victim or villain?

She’s out of prison…

Lauren Miller has served six years behind bars for a crime she did not commit. Now, with her life in tatters, she is determined to bring those who framed her to justice.

Out for revenge…

Journalist Nate Black is intrigued by Lauren’s story. Is she the innocent victim she claims to be or is there more to her past? Eager to learn more he offers to help Lauren clear her name and bring the real villains to justice.

And running out of time.

But with millions of pounds still missing, Lauren remains the prime suspect…and the main target in an increasingly deadly game. And as Lauren’s plan with Nate reaches its shocking climax, no one knows who will ultimately take the fall…

A nail-biting revenge thriller, perfect for fans of Gemma Rogers, Heather Atkinson and Caro Savage.


Danger and Intensity lies around every corner in The Fall. On several occasions I took a sharp intake of breathe and found myself telling Lauren (in my head) “Don’t go in there” She never listened though. Lauren comes across as a very capable, strong woman but as I got to know her character I soon found out there was a huge layer of uncertainty buried deep with in her. Her time in prison has meant that she has created a wall of distrust and its not easy to break that wall down. The rather gorgeous Nate who seemingly comes to her rescue on many occasions finds her pulling him in to her life and all it’s complications. Will he help her get her revenge on her ex partner? Will he ever break down that wall? Does he really believe everything she is telling him? Is his Knight in Shining armour persona really all it’s cracked up to be?

One of the characters I fell for almost straight away is the stray dog who follows Lauren home but soon becomes her greatest ally. He’s a feisty little chap who will not let anyone he distrusts near Lauren. He saves her on a couple of occasions and I felt so proud of him. He is the only one who breaks down Laurens barriers almost immediately and becomes her safety net. He takes to Nate straight away and makes Lauren think he just be trustworthy even though she has reservations about him.

The Fall is definitely for you if you love a good fast paced thriller with many twists and turns along the way. A strong female central character with flaws that make her come across as a genuine individual with the moral strength to get through each and every troublesome day.

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Author Bio –  Evie Hunter has written a great many successful regency romances as Wendy Soliman and is now redirecting her talents to produce dark gritty thrillers for Boldwood. For the past twenty years she has lived the life of a nomad, roaming the  world on interesting forms of transport, but has now settled back in the UK. Her first female revenge thriller The Fall will be published in September 2021.

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