Book Review “Over my Dead Body” By Jeffrey Archer

Star Rating : 5 Stars

Well what can I say about this new novel from Jeffrey Archer? Enthralling, riveting and nearly brought me to tears. A real rollercoaster read emotionally. I quickly developed an intense dislike for millionaire art dealer, Miles Faulkner. A sign of a truly well written character that evokes such strong feelings in the reader from the off.

Up and coming Met officer, DCI William Warwick heads up a new closed case squad, solving crimes that nobody seems able to solve. Warwick is joined in the unit by ex undercover Ross Hogan, who still wishes he was undercover and has a tendency to go off on his tangent, solving things in his unique way.

Faulkner has been pronounced dead but Warwick feels something may not be all that it seems as Faulkner’s unscrupulous lawyer still appears to be representing his dead client, why?

Can this new squad solve the four murder that have been tasked with. Can they figure out what Faulkner’s Lawyer is really up too?

I finished this superb novel in a couple of days. Reading until my eyes hurt because I just didn’t want to put it down.

I would certainly recommend this gripping read. Definitely one to pre order.

Publisher : Harper Collins UK, Harperfiction

Publish Date : 14th October 2021

ISBN ; 9780008474294

Reviewed by; Niki Preston

Twitter : @nikijrp

Facebook : For The Love Of Books

Instagram : @bookwormnjp

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