Book Review; “Under A Greek Moon” by Carol Kirkwood

Star rating; 5 stars

A debut Novel by TV presenter, Carol Kirkwood of pure romantic escapism that draws you in with her beautifully descriptive style. The central character Shauna O’Brien is a typical Irish lass, all red flowing hair and emerald eyes. Her life takes us through, love, lies, drama, heartbreak and back again. It is a love story with a difference with heart wrenching moments for Shauna that make the reader truly believe in her character and you find yourself laughing and crying along with her. I even found myself telling her off for doing some of the things she does.

This is a classic boy meets girl story, a bit formulaic but its a formula that works and Carol Kirkwood’s writing style really brings to life the magical Greek Island, Ithos. The setting sees Shauna find and lose love. It shapes her future life that is not with out its heart break. Shauna is a stoic character that you definitely warm too and you just want the best for her.

A wonderfully romantic summer read. If you enjoy strong characters , a love story and happy endings then this book is certainly for you. I would highly recommend this debut novel. It is not my usual genre and I thoroughly enjoyed every drama filled page.

Will Shauna’s love for the handsome, wealthy shipping magnet Demetrios ever become what she her heart desires? You will have to read this fantastic Debut Novel to find out.

Publisher: Harper Collins UK

Publish Date: 08 July 2021

ISBN : 9780008393403

Reviewed by: Niki Preston

Facebook: For The Love of Books


Twitter: @nikijrp

Instagram: @bookwormnjp

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