Book review: Emeralds by Karen Platt

Book Review. The Two Fingered Gardener

“Emeralds” written by Karen Platt


Every year has a colour associated with it and the colour for 2017 is green. So, what better way to celebrate this than a review of a book that is totally dedicated to green flowers and foliage plants. Emeralds by Karen Platt is just such a book. The only book of its kind, to be wholly based by colour, it really is an outstanding book. Over one thousand green flowers from the exotic orchid to the more common annuals that can be grown from seed, all in one book! An incredible amount of work must have gone into this book and I for one found it wholly awe inspiring.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a lover of lots of green in my garden. I have a love of bright bold colour and have never really considered green as a major need in my garden. However, reading this book has challenged my opinion making me realise that actually green foliage plants can add major structure and interest all year round. I have found this book a useful reference book that is fabulous to dip in and out of with beautiful glossy photos creating a stunning book to help you pick out some great plants. It even has a wonderful section towards the back based on design called “designs on green” which includes hand drawn design ideas based on a green plant theme. This is excellent if you’re stuck for ideas or just need a bit of inspiration. Ideas include themes such as work and play with an office space and family space. The ideas are extensive and there’s something for everyone. It provides a good platform to add your own individual style.


Each species includes useful descriptive advice on such things as leaf and flower shape, eventual size and the type of overall structure. There are also really informative lists for most varieties available. Particularly useful if you have a space in mind but no idea how to use it. There are brief handy planting tips and the book is alphabetised making it easy to locate the plant of choice. I particularly like the way it is divided into foliage and flowers plants. No endless trawling through pages and pages to find some inspiration or something unusual to revamp an unloved corner.

Supplier information can be found at the back of the book. A superb addition to any book. There is nothing more annoying to find a plant you really love then have no idea where on earth to find it. I really love the way Karen has laid out the entire book, it just works. It flows well and looks the bees’ knees. Not only is it informative, its inspiring and challenges your design and planting schemes. If like me you love a good garden that you can pick up, learn something then possibly change your perception on your own garden and the plant choices you make then I would absolutely recommend this book to any gardener. Whether an old pro or complete novice there is something for everyone.



If you wish to purchase this wonderful book it can be found at:


The author has also kindly offered a reader offer of 50% off when bought directly from the above website. Offer code: 50OFF

Happy reading.

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