Product review number 4, Wilkinson Sword Border fork and spade

There comes a time when even I have to admit defeat and sadly this test was it. I have tried and tried in the past to use border spades and forks, from ladies versions to children’s sized however I simply cannot find a way to hold them without bruising my arms. I have to push my left, diddy arm through the front of the handle so that it sticks out through the back, which is a very uncomfortable way to stand and gives me huge bruises, along with this I am unable to lift my leg high enough to put it on the foot plate, so really its all-round no go for me, However up steps one very eager tester in the form of my hubby, James (you’re getting to know him quite well know) and off we pop into a very mild and boggy garden in search of something to dig. What better way to test a border spade than digging a hedgehog tunnel! Brilliant now the little chaps and chapesses can wander in and out as they like. We do try hard to encourage as much wildlife as we can into the garden.
Firstly James noticed the slightly angled handle and wasn’t really sure what, if any difference this would make however he soon realised that it made for a much improved hold on the spade. The fork is angled forwards slightly in the same manner. They both have a red soft grip section around the handle too which means less slippage when you get all hot and bothered. The spade and fork were equally light weight meaning much less exertion is needed for the arduous task of digging. The forward position of the handle also allows for much easier turning over of the soil or in our case the compost bin, when using the border fork. As we now have a bigger, open compost bin it has become rather overfilled and hasn’t been turned as it is meant to be but with this easy grip, light fork it was so much easier. A nicely weighted tool that means you really can carry on for longer. The old fork would get lots of leaves and bits of rotting veg stuck on the tines but this one appeared much less prone to this and a simple shake soon made anything drop off. James has enjoyed these two products so much he has already retired his old ones. Well not really retired they will be getting a new garden as our Son will getting them. He has a fabulous new, blank canvas garden which I can’t wait to get my hands on.
Overall then two great products in a good price range. If you need a good quality, lightweight all-rounder then go for these. They are not big and bulky but are certainly more than capable of giving you years of good digging. As I have said before the wooden handled garden tools are fast becoming a favourite with James. He loves the soft yet strong feel they offer. He feels fully confident to tackle any job, all we need to do now is keep everything crossed we get some hedgehogs.

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