Loving my Mobile Garden

Last year I was approached by a really lovely man who saw my appearance on Gardeners’ World. On hearing me say that eventually I will end up in a wheelchair he thought that his Mobile Garden would be the thing for me. Very generously he then gave me one of his mobile gardens that have been specifically made for wheelchair users. Initially I was a tad sceptical as I have been offered many “designed for disabled user” products which have turned out not to be user friendly at all. As soon as I saw this extensive piece of kit I was instantly impressed. It was clear straight away that a person with a disability had been involved with its development which doesn’t happen that often.


The mobile garden has been a life saver. It has enhanced my ability to access my garden on many occasions that otherwise would have meant staying indoors and looking longingly at the garden but pain levels have stopped me. If I am having a particularly painful day, which is getting more and more as the years go by I can not get out in the garden however having this product means I can get to my fab mobile garden. I can pull up a chair if needed and know it will be the right height for seated gardening. No extra back ache from stretching too far or having to sit sideways and attempt to garden. Have you ever tried to garden sitting sideways? it’s very hard and all that twisting doesn’t do you any good. I can get my legs underneath and have the garden in front of me. Fabulous! When I am able to stand It is the perfect height and with all the different sections I can carry out all sorts of gardening, whatever takes my fancy.

So far I have used the mobile garden for almost every gardening activity from sowing seeds, taking cuttings and growing them on. It has been great for over wintering my baby plants such as foxgloves, geums and hardy geraniums to name but a few. I have used it to plant bulbs that I have forgotten what they are, once they flower I quickly dig them up and plant where they are meant to be, with a label. Due to the depth of the garden the roots of bulbs and plants can’t go too deep so its perfect for a nursery area until plants are big enough, making it perfect for hardening off  plants and they can stay out with a cover on over night so no need to bring in and out, in and out constantly. which is impossible for me anyway as I can’t put things down on the floor.

I love the triangle sections that can be removed if you want to use a bigger area. Having separate sections allows you to have seeds in one section, cuttings in another and so on. The fact that it collects its own rain water is a useful addition especially as it means for schools, community gardens or residential homes it can be used inside as well as out without the need for a water supply and you can water your plants, seedlings without making a mess, all the water runs into the internal water storage. It has a tap at the bottom to access the water however it is a bit tricky to get at as it is so low down but I’m not sure it could go anywhere else, if it were higher the water wouldn’t run out.

Although the garden looks heavy it is on lockable sturdy wheels allowing it to be moved with ease. You can spin it round to access all around or you can move it around the garden/indoors, wherever it’s needed really. It comes with a central umbrella for added shade and the triangle sections are brightly coloured so it great for visual impairments too. It doesn’t end there either. Ever get stuck trying to fill a wobbly hanging basket? Well the mobile garden comes with a handy basket holder so you have both hands free to fill your basket. You can have all your tools, plants, compost handy all at the right height, making it truly accessible to practically anyone.

I’m sure I have included everything. I know that there are some new adaptions and additions in the making for the mobile garden which I for one can’t wait to see. These mobile gardens are intended more for schools and community use rather than single gardens but I can honestly say if you want to boost your well being amongst pupils, residents and communities getting one of these will go a long long way in boosting good mental health and a feeling of achievement that may not have been possible before. I know many people who feel down hearted when they feel they can no longer garden. Getting out in the fresh air and having a go really does lift your spirits. When I’m out getting stuck in at whatever level my mood improves, my mind just wanders freely allowing me to forget my pain, even for a few minutes. For these few reasons I can honestly say that investing in one of these mobile gardens is definitely going to be worth every penny.


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